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Archive › February, 2013

Review of Samsung OfficeServ DS5014S

The Samsung OfficeServ DS5014S features a 14-button display, perfect for personal extensions for all your staff. This phone allows you to access the full functionality of a Samsung solution easily.

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Review of Orchid PBX416 SME Business Telephone System

The Orchid PBX416 is an analog system designed for the small business. It is a Do-It-Yourself system that is full of features that your business can use to effectively connect to clients, staff and the outside world. These features are usually found on much more expensive equipment but you can get them at an affordable price

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Advantages of a Mitel Business Phone System

Mitel is the industry leader when it comes to desktop IP phones, offering call quality without compromise. This not only dramatically reduces call costs, but allows an office phone environment from just about anywhere.

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