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Should I Use Google Voice as a Business Phone System? (Part 2)

Now that we have discussed the many benefits of Google Voice (GV) in part one, let’s examine the flip side. While a lot of entrepreneurs and companies find this to be a useful tool, there are still a lot who are not convinced because of the following reasons. It is not a business telephone system […]

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A Business Phone System Solution For Your Mobile

Business telephone systems have evolved a lot through the years. With the advances in technology, companies can now go mobile with their business phone systems. All you need to get started is an Internet connection and a phone.

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Review of OfficeServ 7400 Series

The Samsung OfficeServe 7400 Series is a full line-up of IP convergence system that caters to 25-500 users. It is compatible with system interface boards. It is designed to deliver advanced data, voice and wireless communications in a solo IP platform.

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Review of Orchid PBX206 Telephone System

Are you looking for a system that will give you great value for your money? Well, look no further than the Orchid PBX206. This is a do-it-yourself phone system that is very easy to install, perfect for entry level and small businesses that need a phone system but don’t want to spend a lot.

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