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Telephone System Leasing

Leasing is becoming a popular option for business owners wanting to have equipment for their offices. Leasing equipment used to be unheard of several years back but now because of technology, concern for the environment, tax and cash flow concerns and many other reasons, manufacturers are opening up their doors to provide leased machines to their clients.

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How to Save Money with Your Business Telephone System

Telecommunications is essential in any business. You close deals, connect to your customers, answer your customers’ questions, find new suppliers, find new investors, etc. using your business telephone system. For many small businesses, the phone bill can be a bit of a problem.

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Telephone System Call Routing

There are many features in a business telephone system that are important to the daily functions of an office. Some features are so simple that they come as standard in any type of system. There are other features, however, that were once deemed to be useless that are now considered a must-have. One of those […]

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