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Telephone System for Call Recording

Call recording is increasingly becoming an invaluable tool for all organizations regardless of its size. In today’s business environment, industry and security standards are becoming more and more strict so it is important to have a record of almost everything. Call recording allows business owners to improve their customer service.

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Business Telephone Systems in Bradford

There are many different types of business telephone systems that businesses in Bradford can choose from. There are traditional phone systems for business, office or commercial use. There are also the latest VoIP solutions that you can choose from.

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Small Business Telephone Systems from Talkswitch

Talkswitch specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative telephone systems that are marketed toward small businesses and businesses that have multiple locations. Their telephone systems are ideal for offices that have up to 32 users per location. Each system is a fully integrated PABX solution. Features include voicemail, auto attendant and caller display as […]

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Small Business Telephone Systems from Orchid

Orchid provides small business telephone systems that are affordable. Their PBX systems start at under £130. They have a range that suits all small office needs. Take note that these products do not compromise on quality and functionality. The phone systems are easy to install and easy to use. They also come with plug and play technology.

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