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Best Telephone Systems for a Call Centre


Your call centre telephone system should work with you to increase your revenue. It is your gateway to the world and when working efficiently, can make a big impact to your bottom line. You need to be able to have your phone system work in harmony with your software to reduce time between calls, thus increasing productivity; and ensuring data is tracked all through one system.

We reviewed the top systems on the market and rated them in terms of cost, ease of set-up, adaptability to changes in the office and remote working.

You can choose between VoIP call centre solutions or analogue phone systems. Each has its own merits. VoIP uses the Internet to transfer data. It is the most popular choice among call centers because of the lower domestic and international call rates. It also has a host of sophisticated features that the modern call center needs and offers fast, easy set-up. There are still some problems with a VoIP system, since it uses the Internet, you need to have a good Internet connection otherwise your call quality can suffer and you may experience a lot of dropped calls. An analog system, on the other hand, is reliable and time-tested. This system does not need the Internet so phone call quality is much better. You can also use this system in case there is a blackout.

In terms of cost if you are looking for low monthly charges in terms of set-up, upgrades and maintenance then a hosted PBX call centre solution is for you. However over the course of many years, you might find the hosted PBX system more expensive, an onsite system involves a high initial outlay, but then it is yours as you go forward with no monthly rental. Also, a point to note that if you go for a hosted PBX call centre the company providing the software will also provide the calls, so it is worth checking their call charges before you sign up. Don’t be lured into a low monthly fee for a software and then get stung with high international calls. It is easier for a company to add some extra features to the standard packages as a buyers incentive, to then add some hidden costs later.

Whether out are after inbound or outbound call centre solutions, both VOIP and analog offer a good solution.


The most popular call center phone system providers are the following:


ShoreTel has solutions for any type of call center, large/small or VoIP/inhouse. They have an integrated suite of features that help a call center manage costs effectively, find new revenue opportunities and maximize productivity. Some of the features of the ShoreTel solution include:

  • Contact call routing or queuing that enables the employees to tailor their caller’s experience
  • Outbound dialling
  • Interactive Voice Response or IVR that allows you to collect information, customize interaction or provide self-service alternative.
  • Flexible reporting
  • Integrated scheduling
  • Telecommuting


Avaya has a call center solution called the Call Center Elite. This is an automatic call distribution application that allows agents to handle calls more effectively. This software uses conditional call routing. Managers can choose whether incoming calls connect to the first available agent, the least busy agent or the one with the best skills to accommodate the customer’s needs. The Call Center Elite can be integrated with traditional SIP networks and hybrid environments.

Aside from the flexibility this system offers, it can also reduce your costs and increase efficiency in your call center. Managers can also route calls to agents with specialized knowledge of their products and services allowing for a more personalized approach to customer support.


Cisco’s call centre solution is called the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise that transforms a regular call center into a multichannel contact center. This new upgrade includes voice, text, web collaboration, video and email services on converged networks. It also includes a CRM and other business applications such as IP networks and IP-based applications. This is a comprehensive solution that integrates all these technologies into your existing infrastructure.

You will be able to integrate inbound and outbound voice applications with other Internet applications. Your agent can support multiple interactions simultaneously in whatever channel the customer uses.

This system allows your customers to be routed to the best available resource in your company. The web interaction management feature allows agents to respond immediately to customer queries using your website, chat or real-time web collaboration. You can also manage large volumes of customer emails easily.


Nextivia offers a cloud-based call centre solution with some impressive features for a highly efficient working environment. With a monthly rental of the software, you would need to purchase your VOIP phones or headsets separately. It includes all the features you would need including call queuing, automatic call distribution, real-time reporting and easy connectivity for remote workers.


Choosing a Provider

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