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Business Telephone System Suppliers in Leeds

All businesses need a reliable business telephone system and provider in order to meet their daily objectives and future goals. The telephone system is your gateway to the world. It connects you to your customers and staff. There are many business telephone systems available in the market today and one can easily buy the wrong one if they do not have enough information about phone systems. So, in this post, we present to you some useful information about business telephone systems in Leeds.

What telephone systems are out there?

Traditional analogue phone systems are still available although they are slowly becoming obsolete. Startup businesses are the ones that get these types of systems. Digital systems are also available as well as PBX systems. The most popular systems today are PBX and VoIP. Several years ago, only big corporations could afford PBX but with advancements in technology, PBX features are also now available in VoIP and small business phone systems. VoIP systems are the latest technology in communications. It uses powerful broadband Internet connection. You can use your PC as a telephone. Make and receive calls without buying handsets. Calls are also cheaper over VoIP. Some calls are even free and some are bundled together to get the lowest rates possible. VoIP is also now more reliable compared to 5 years ago so you don’t need to be concerned about this issue.


Aside from the phone system itself, there are many telecoms related services in Leeds.

Custom Design and Installation

There are many variations of telephone systems that are available to different industries and different business sizes but there are just some businesses that need a tailored system. There are several companies in Leeds that specialize in customization. They will be able to design a system from the ground up using different components from different brands. Some companies also design and install their own brand of systems. You will be able to get a system that is based on your specific requirements.

Some accredited suppliers can also design and customize a system. An accredited supplier usually carries only one brand, for example, Avaya or Panasonic. Depending on the company, they may also be able to help you with your special phone needs.


Are you planning to move your business to Leeds? You will find several expert relocation services in the area. Some can even make the move even with just one day’s notice. These companies will be able to design a plan to move your telephone system smoothly. That’s one less thing to worry about during your move.

Repairs and Maintenance

Are you dissatisfied  with your current service provider? You don’t have to suffer as there are many companies that specialize in repairs and maintenance of telephone systems. You can get a one-time repair or get an ongoing maintenance contract. Some companies have trained engineers that can diagnose and fix your problems quickly. Getting a good maintenance contract is important so that you don’t have to pay a premium should your phone system break down in the future.


Is your telephone system more than 3 years old? Phone systems, like many equipment, get obsolete fast. You have to keep up with current technology in order to get ahead of your competition. Get a telecoms audit to be sure that your current system is still appropriate for your current requirements. You will discover a lot of things in a telecoms audit. You may find features that are not very useful in your office. You will be able to save money with this audit.

What to look for

When looking for a business telephone system supplier, look for one that can help you understand what a new phone system or an upgrade can do for you. A supplier that independently reviews the market will give you unbiased advice so you get the best deal possible.

You should review the running costs of your phone lines and call charges to make sure that you are not overpaying. A supplier that can manage the installation of your phone system professionally  is also a must. Find a supplier that will provide you training so that you can utilize your new system at its fullest. A good supplier should be able to handle all your support issues. They should also be able to accommodate the changes that you face throughout the life of your system.

A supplier that goes beyond what is expected for their clients is also an advantage.


Read reviews and testimonials about a specific supplier. A supplier that has many happy and loyal customers is a good sign. You will know what kind of service to expect.

Write down your requirements and bring this with you when you meet potential suppliers. This list should include how many users need a phone, the features and functions that you need and your budget. Stick to your budget as much as possible especially if you are a small business. But, it is always a good idea to get a buildable system. This way, you wouldn’t have to buy an entirely new system when your business grows. You only need minimal investment as your company expands.

If you don’t know how to start looking for a supplier, don’t be stressed. We are here to do the hard work for you. Go to the top of this page and answer the form. We will review your answers. We will look for the best suppliers in Leeds that can offer you the best packages according to your requirements. You will receive quotations from said suppliers which you can review on your own time. You can contact them directly too to discuss their packages further. If you are from the education or charity sectors, don’t forget to mention this fact as you may be able to get special discounts and packages tailored to your sector.

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