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Business Telephone Systems in Bradford

What’s out there?

There are many different types of business telephone systems that businesses in Bradford can choose from. There are traditional phone systems for business, office or commercial use. There are also the latest VoIP solutions that you can choose from.

There are several accredited business telephone systems providers in Bradford. Choosing an accredited reseller, say, by Avaya, will give you many benefits over one that does not have accreditation. Ask a supplier about their accreditation from a certain brand. They should be able to provide you with certificates and documents that can prove their accreditation. Avaya gives an SME Expert Status to their partners who have excellent performance. An accredited reseller has more support and training from the brand so customers can benefit in the end.

There are also Contact Centre solutions available which include outbound and inbound facilities. These facilities usually include dialers and call recording.

Other brands

Aside from Avaya, you can also get Panasonic phone systems. You can get IP and VoIP systems from the brand from accredited suppliers.

Another popular brand is Alcatel and their OMNI PCX system. This system can support up to 128 users. It is IP based. It is a high-end product that offers flexible pricing, SIP compatibility and fantastic headsets. You can also get it on 0% finance. It allows for integration to 3rd party software making it an open platform that is truly flexible.

Another choice is Nortel Networks family legacy system. It is a robust traditional PBX system that is great for private hire or taxi companies. It is LAN and CTE/TAPI compliant.

The BT Versatility is an entry-level office phone system that offers a basic handset. It is easy to program. It is PSTN and ISDN compatible. It is very cost effective and can easily support up to 40 users.

Other popular brands are LG, Mitel and NEC.

Why choose a Bradford supplier?

If your business is in Bradford, it makes a lot of sense to go local. They can provide the exact requirements of your business when it comes to telecom needs.  They understand the challenges of a local business. They have the experience to be able to give you expert advice. Whether you need to replace your old system or you need to install a new one, they will be able to give you the best option.


You can get fast, high quality installation because the supplier is in your area. You get minimal business disruption and if you do, their engineers can be easily deployed to fix it. You also want fast and efficient installation that a local company can give.

Local suppliers can give you regular updates and a single point of contact. You can get a thorough user training. Most of all, you can get ongoing maintenance and support which is crucial especially if your business relies heavily on your telephone system.

Phone system relocation

Do you need to relocate your business to Bradford? Most phone companies in Bradford can do that with only a few days notice.

Find a supplier that understands the stress of moving offices for a business. Find one with years of experience in telephone systems relocation because they understand how important it is to have a smooth transition. Find a supplier that has qualified engineers all over the UK who are fully trained to relocate your phone system. The size of their engineer base will determine how quickly they can respond to your needs. This way, wherever you are in the UK, they can quickly and easily relocate your system to Bradford. They will also be able to advise you if you need an upgrade or change your system altogether to suit the working conditions of Bradford.

There are also suppliers that are able to install phone lines as well as broadband services in your office so you don’t have to contact several providers which is time consuming and downright confusing. Check if the supplier has a lot of satisfied customers. This is your gauge on how good and effective a supplier is.


An accredited supplier of any brand mentioned above can usually supply and install a full range of Digital, IP and VoIP phone systems starting from as little as £500. This price already includes full installation, configuration and maintenance.

0% Finance

There are several companies in Bradford that offer 0% finance. You can get a system upgrade or get the latest IP office technology to boost your productivity and improve customer service without the huge financial burden. You can choose from different financing options. You can maximize the buying power of your budget, save your working capital and benefit from the latest technology.

Find a supplier

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This is a free service and we make the process of finding a business telephone system supplier in Bradford quick and easy for you. Try our service today and get your business communication system up and running in no time.