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Best IP Call Centre Phone Setup

Most call centres run on and IP setup. In a VoIP call centre, the calls are taken on VoIP phones. A typical VoIP call centre usually just has one job such as sales or support. It may be staffed by a single department in the company or from an outsourced group of people as a […]

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GP Guide to The Perfect Surgery Phone System

Health institutions, hospitals, clinics and gp private practices all need a premier, efficient telecommunications system. Communication is vital in the medical industry. Fortunately, there are many telecoms specialists that are dedicated to designing and implementing a phone system that can improve the overall efficiency of surgeries and even reduce phone and broadband costs. You can […]

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Telephone System for Call Recording

Call recording is increasingly becoming an invaluable tool for all organizations regardless of its size. In today’s business environment, industry and security standards are becoming more and more strict so it is important to have a record of almost everything. Call recording allows business owners to improve their customer service.

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Should I Buy a Used Or Refurbished Second Hand Phone System?

Second hand, used, refurbished or reconditioned business telephone systems are a cost-effective alternative for businesses looking to have one but have a low cash flow or a tight budget. As it is a used system, it comes with a few risks such as general wear and tear. There is also concern about warranty and availability […]

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Best Telephone System for Remote Workers

The benefits that technology has given us are tremendous. Now we are able to connect to our loved ones wherever they are as long as there is an Internet connection. This development has also allowed us to work from home or remote offices. We can communicate with staff and bosses via VoIP phone systems.

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Help Desk Telephone Systems

There are two options for a help desk telephone system – analog and VoIP. Some companies use a hybrid system which is a combination of the traditional and VoIP systems.

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