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Cloud Business Telephone System Explained

Cloud based technology is all the rage nowadays but what exactly is it? Cloud-based telephone system is a new term. It means a phone service that is delivered through the Internet. The Internet is referred to as the “Cloud”. The Cloud telephone system can also be called Internet Phone System. Data is stored in a […]

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Best Telephone Systems for Schools

A business telephone system is not just for big corporations. Now, even schools need a telephone system to make their daily processes flow smoothly. Here’s what you should know.

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Best Telephone System for Remote Workers

The benefits that technology has given us are tremendous. Now we are able to connect to our loved ones wherever they are as long as there is an Internet connection. This development has also allowed us to work from home or remote offices. We can communicate with staff and bosses via VoIP phone systems.

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Help Desk Telephone Systems

There are two options for a help desk telephone system – analog and VoIP. Some companies use a hybrid system which is a combination of the traditional and VoIP systems.

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Best Telephone Systems for Hotels – Review, Prices & Installation

A hotel’s communication system is very crucial to its success. It needs a unique system to be able to accommodate all internal and external calls. The bigger the hotel, the more sophisticated system it needs. Some small hotels can get by with a basic telephone system but some need more than that. At the end of the day, all hotels want a good customer experience and a good communications system is a major part of that.

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Best Telephone Systems for a Call Centre

Your phone system should help you increase your revenue. Your phone system is your gateway to the world. If it works efficiently, you can contact a lot of potential clients and they can in turn, contact you back. You need to be able to close deals and take care of business through your phone system.

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