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Features of a Business Telephone System

Getting the right business telephone system for your company depends largely on the size of your company, your budget and what you need from a Business Telephone System (BTS). Here are some key features to guide you in choosing the best system for your company:

Basic Features

There are a lot of brands out there and each has its own unique feature. You can ask your provider about the features to know more. Here we show you the most common ones.

Auto Attendant. An auto attendant takes the place of an operator or a receptionist. Before, only large companies could afford this feature because of the high cost of installation but with the inception of the VOIP, this feature can now be enjoyed by small and big businesses alike. You can get this feature usually for free from most providers. Having an auto attendant saves you money, time and most importantly, peace of mind knowing that all your phone calls (whether from business partners or clients) are handled 24/7.

Automated Directory. This is a feature that goes hand in hand with the Auto Attendant. With this feature, your clients can look up the extension of the person they are trying to call. The Automated Phone Directory is responsible for routing all calls to their specific destinations.

Call Hold. As the name suggests, this allows for you to hold a phone conversation. This is especially useful when you need to discuss confidential matters regarding the call with a colleague or boss.

Call Forwarding. This allows the user to forward calls to another extension within the company or to voice mail.

Speed Dial and Last Number Redial. These features are always included in a BTS. You can store your frequently used numbers in the phone for easy access. You can also press the REDIAL button to call the last number that you entered.

Conference. This allows two or more people to have a conversation over the phone. The most common number is two but you can add more depending on the system you choose and your provider.

Music on Hold. Most companies have this feature in their BTS because it is especially useful for a company that has a high volume of incoming calls. This prevents the clients from getting bored, irritated or frustrated while waiting for a person to pick up the phone. Just make sure that someone will answer the phone within a few minutes to avoid losing a customer. Large companies opt to put their jingle, a commercial or announcements in place of the music. This feature then becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Whatever it is that you want in your Business Telephone System, make sure that your company can fully utilize each feature. Do not get swayed by your provider’s sweet talk about added features that are useless for your company. At the end of the day, it is you who is going to use the system and knowing what’s best for your clients and your company will save you a lot of money and aid in your company’s growth.