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Finding Business Telephone Systems in Manchester

In today’s world, communication has become quick, easy and very important. Many years ago, it took months for a person to be able to talk to another person via letters. Then the telephone was invented and suddenly, you can speak to someone from another city. Then the Internet was born and now, you can easily connect to someone who is on the other side of the world. In this business economy, getting customers is tough. Wouldn’t you like to communicate better and get customers faster? Then you need the right business telephone system. Today, we will give you information about Manchester telephone systems.


There are many providers of business phone systems in Manchester. You will be able to find specialists in voice and data business communication systems. You can get analogue or digital phones. You can get a PBX for your large business or take advantage of VoIP. You can also find a simple system for your startup business. ISDN digital PBX, IPPBX, hybrid systems, etc. You name it and you can find it in Manchester.

Most businesses prefer to use VoIP. It’s quick and easy to install. You also don’t need to invest in huge equipment. You don’t need to allot space in your office for several devices. You just need a good broadband Internet connection, a good headset and a computer and you can start making and receiving calls to and from all over the world. Call rates are also the cheapest in this type of system. You can get bundled rates if you always call overseas. Some countries are even offered for free. Local rates are also very cheap. This is why call centres and small businesses like this system.

You can also ask for a hosted system so you don’t need to maintain an IT department.


The most popular companies  in the area are BT, NEC, LG, Nortel and Panasonic. You can also find Avaya, Samsung, etc. There are also family-owned companies that design and build their own phone systems.

If you have decided on a specific brand, go to an accredited vendor so that you can have the full support of the brand. They have qualified engineers that can install, maintain and fix your telephone system.


Aside from equipment, you will also find many telecoms-related services in Manchester.

Tailored solutions

If you need a customized phone system, there are several experts in this field. They are  able to design a system based on your requirements. They can make a custom package from scratch. Most independent suppliers offer this service.


On average, business telephone systems need to be changed when they are more than 3 years old. This is because there are many developments in technology and businesses need to keep up in order to stay ahead of the competition. You can request for a telecoms audit to know if you need to change your system entirely. The auditor may recommend that you only change a few parts of your system and upgrade your software. Getting a telecoms audit will save you a lot of money because you may discover some functions that you are not using but are paying for on a monthly basis.

Repairs and Maintenance

Do you need a one-time repair service for your phone system? There are specialty companies in the area. They employ hundreds of engineers who are trained to troubleshoot different brands of equipment.

Do you need a new maintenance contract? You can also get a contract that will give you peace of mind. Getting a repairs and maintenance contract will save you from a ton of headaches and expensive bills in the future when your system needs repairs.

Moving to Manchester?

Moving a company is hard work. It involves a lot of strategic planning and resources. Get an expert telecoms mover to get the job done fast and painless. If you have delicate equipment, you want experts to handle it so that you won’t get an extra expense should something break. There are many experienced movers that can plan and implement a move for you with just 24 hours notice. Now that’s one thing off your list.

When looking for a supplier…

Choose a supplier that  helps you understand how your new phone system can improve your business. An independent supplier will give you unbiased advice. Compare several suppliers to get the best deal possible.

A good supplier will give you phone lines and call charges that are priced competitively. You don’t want to be overpaying. Find a supplier that can do project management when installing your new phone system.

Look for a supplier that offers free training so that you and your staff can improve your productivity by using the many features of your phones.

You will know how good a supplier is by looking at their customer support. They should offer after-sales services. A good supplier must be able to adapt to the changes in your business and requirements.

Find a supplier that likes to do more than what is expected of them. You can read testimonials and reviews about a specific supplier in their website or in forums and even blogs.

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