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Privacy Policy values your privacy. Our privacy policy outlined hereunder describes the different types of information (particularly user information) that we collect, how that information is shared or used and the steps we take to protect user information.

Information we gather

At, we gather user information that is necessary for the effective delivery of our services to users, at the high level of service quality that we are committed to deliver. While simply browsing through the site, we do not collect any personally identifiable information. We do require users desirous of using our free quotation service, either as a buyer or supplier, to provide us with some information that enables us to match buyers with the right suppliers. The information is gathered with the sole objective of providing accurate matching, which is one of the main attributes of our service. This information may also be used to provide more personalized online services and thereby enhance the overall user experience. Information thus gathered is critical to meeting the above objectives.

We also collect personally non-identifiable information automatically through web log files to evaluate various performance metrics, identify functional and usability problems and potential enhancements. The information gathered from the web log files include:

  • Referral URL ie. the URL from which you landed on our website
  • Destination URL ie. the URL(s) that you visited on our website
  • Your IP address
  • Computer browser information.

We use “cookies” — which contain certain information on your computer hard drive — that may be set to store certain information during a visit (“user session”) or for longer periods. Use of cookies will generally tend to enhance user experience. However, these cookies are not connected to personally identifiable information and a user can disable cookies. It must be understood that disabling cookies can hamper the performance of certain features on the site.

Buyers using are required to provide additional information through our forms to avail of our Request for Quotation service. This will include (but is not limited to) user’s contact information, demographic information, and specific procurement requirements. may choose to vary the information collected based on the category of the products being purchased for us to be able to provide high quality buyer-supplier matching services. In order to continue to improve our services and where applicable, introduce new services, we may from time to time solicit feedback by way of surveys. Information gathered by way of these surveys will only be used collectively/ in an aggregated fashion.

We collect contact information, target market information and billing information from Vendors/ Suppliers that wish to participate in our Request for Quotation service. Credit card information is captured and stored securely, using encryption and a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

We offer/ may offer “opt-in” content such as newsletters, which require visitors to provide their contact information and possibly some demographic information.

Using and sharing of personal information

The primary use of the personal information we gather is to match the needs of buyers with appropriate suppliers/vendors. In addition, we use the information to provide users content [which may be customized as per the information provided] either on the site or through e-mail communications, including “opt-in” newsletters.

We send e-mails to users (buyers and suppliers) of our Request for Quotation service. These e-mails are a critical component of our Request for Quotation service, and acceptance of our terms and conditions is deemed as an acknowledgement that such e-mails will be delivered. These e-mails are different from newsletters and other optional e-mail content that users have the choice to “opt-in” to. reserves the right to send e-mails related to a user’s account with us and our core services.

Personal information received is analayzed to discern usage patterns and identify trends that are crucial for to continue to enhance our services. Individual information is not used in isolation for such analysis.

Comments and feedback received from our users are shared with relevant stakeholders and departments to take appropriate action. Positive feedback and testimonials may be used for various marketing purposes. However, we will use personally identifiable information only with prior permission from the concerned individual.

Opt-in newsletters: We offer/ may offer useful, and often customized, content in the form of e-mail newsletters that users have the option to “opt-in” and “opt-out” off. We hate spam and adhere strictly to anti-spam policies. Therefore, users will receive these newsletters only upon opting in to receive them.

Referral e-mails: offers/ may offer services enabling users to forward information from to their friends via e-mail. E-mails captured as part of this process are used exclusively for the purpose of forwarding the information as requested by the user.

Sharing personal information is committed to protect the privacy of our users and therefore our user information is divulged to the extent that it is deemed necessary to provide our services.

We provide buyers and suppliers information about one another as part of our Request for Quotation services and the process of matching buyers and suppliers.

From time to time, may use third party services/ companies to facilitate certain operations such as bill collections, marketing (eg. using affiliate marketers), customer service organizations / call centers. has/will have the necessary checks and balances (including confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements) to ensure that personal information is not disclosed/used for any purpose other than what the third party is engaged to do.

We may provide information about our user base [in an aggregated/ collective format, and not individual-level information] to potential advertisers to enable them to make a decision on the suitability of the audience for their proposed advertising campaigns.

In the event of our business being merged with or transferred to another entity, information about our users is also likely to be passed on to the new entity/ third party. Personal information of our users will be protected as per the privacy policy in use at that point in time. may release account and other personal information to appropriate legal authorities when the situation so warrants in order to ensure compliance with legal/ regulatory norms.

Protection of personal information strives to and takes various steps to protect user information by practicing industry standard data security practices.

We do this mainly by storing information on servers that are protected against unauthorized access by using various safeguards like “firewalls”, “data encryption” and SSL. However, users are forewarned that despite these diverse measures to protect personal information, no security system is perfect.

Modifying account preferences provides users the option to update and manage personal information including updating of contact information, password changes and e-mail notification preferences.

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