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Suppliers Of Telephone Systems In Glasgow

What’s available out there?

There are several phone systems available in the market. Here’s a quick look.


KSU stands for Key System Unit. This is used by small to medium companies. This is a basic phone system and does not have the features of a PBX system. This system is great if you are looking to save money. This is easy to install.


KSU-less is the most basic among all the systems in the market. This is recommended for offices that have less than 10 employees. If you need a phone service with only the basic features, you can benefit from this system. It is not expensive to install because you don’t need a central base unit. You can get all the functions that you need in one phone set. Since features are extremely limited, you can also save money. This is recommended for start-ups and small businesses.


Private Branch Exchange or PBX is used by medium to large companies. They can be used by different types of organizations. They are the most feature-rich system. If you buy a large system, you can be sure that it can be expandable so it grows with your business. You can buy a pre-determined set of features but you can also buy add-ons. Ask the supplier if you can get more in the future as your business requires them. If you find any feature in the list that you don’t have any use for, ask if you can swap it for a feature that you can use.


Businesses in Glasgow are now trying VoIP. VoIP is also sometimes known as IP telephony. This business telephone system has many benefits such as reducing overhead costs but at the same time allows the company to be flexible with calls and features. A Glasgow business phone system provider can set up your VoIP system in no time.

A hosted VoIP is managed by your provider. They will provide you with VoIP lines over multiple broadband connections compared to a traditional system that only uses one phone line.

Business level VoIP offers users impressive HD call quality. This means that you don’t get any echoes, no stuttering and no packet loss or choppy phone calls.

Handsets are already configured so they can easily be installed in any site where there is a good Internet connection. Setting up is simple and lines can be easily managed using only one online control panel.

VoIP calls are more affordable than traditional phone calls. You can also benefit from free calls between all users and across all your offices.

Hybrid Systems

When a PBX and VoIP systems are combined, the result is a hybrid system. This is commonly used by mid-size and big companies. They get the benefits of 2 systems in one. Most VoIP systems can be integrated into an existing telephone system so there is less expense on the business owner’s part.

It is recommended to have an in-house IT support with this kind of system. If the telephone system is critical for your operations, support must readily be available. You won’t lose precious time.

The Glasgow suppliers that we have will deliver and install the system in your office. You can also request for a product demo so that you can try out the different systems that they offer. This way, you will know if a system will be useful for your company. You will also know if you need special training to use the equipment.

Remember to ask about a complete service and maintenance contract. You can avoid paying for costly repairs in the future should your system need some repairs.

Tips for choosing a provider

Before choosing a provider or a telephone system, be sure to have a list of all your requirements ready. Stick to this list especially if you have a tight budget. Some salesmen will try to sell you features that you won’t really need in your business.

Do your own legwork by researching what other people are saying about the supplier you’ve chosen. Ask your colleagues and other business owners. You can also check the Internet for testimonials and reviews. Check how long they’ve been in business and their track record when it comes to customer support. After-sales customer support is important when getting a business telephone system.

If you have an existing telephone system, ask if it can be integrated into your new system. You should also ask about maintaining your old phone numbers. This is possible with VoIP.

Ask about disaster recovery. What happens when the Internet goes down or if there is a black out?

You should also ask if they have in-house engineers that can fix your system should you encounter any problems. If they rely on a third-party service, you may have longer downtime in your system. If they do have engineers, ask how long before they can be deployed.

Getting your very own telephone system

If you are a business looking for a Glasgow telephone system provider, you can answer the short form above and we can do the research for you. We can find the top providers in Glasgow and give them your requirements. We will then give you quotes from each one. These are no-obligations quotes so you are not required to get from any of them if nothing appeals to you. You can then move on to your own research. We don’t charge you anything for this service so go ahead and try it.

A Glasgow telephone system provider can help your business save money. They can also give you a more effective way of communicating with your employees, clients, suppliers and business partners. They can help improve your cash flow and teach you ways on how to best use your phone system. Let a Glasgow VoIP provider show you how to take your business to the next level. 

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.