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The Best Small Office Phone Systems

Small business owners are already in a lot of pressure. They should focus on the most important aspects of their business. Sure, the telephone system is very important to any business but we all know that the process of finding the right one is very tedious and sometimes downright frustrating. So, in today’s post, we are giving you some hep. Here are the 3 best small business phone platforms in the market.


The Cisco Small Business Unified Communications 300 Series tops the PBX systems by providing a single, all-in-one network solution. When we say all-in-one, we mean it supports voice, SIP Trunking and wireless communication. It has voicemail capabilities and automated attendant. It has built-in routing and switching. It is easy to install and is flexible enough to grow with you.

Although we say that it’s better than a PBX, this Cisco Series still retains the capabilities of a PBX plus other great features and added benefits. By using this series, you lower your communication expenses because you can take advantage of VoIP.  You can use wireless communication and a web-based management system for easy telephone changes. You can also choose from a wide range of models. Above all, you get a return on your investment as your company grows while having the peace of mind that you are backed up by one of the best companies in the industry.

SRP: $999



Avaya’s award-winning business phone system is called IP Office. Like Cisco’s, it is also flexible enough to grow with your company. It offers technical flexibility meaning it uses digital, analog, IP or any combination of these. It also has mobility features and is compatible with popular collaboration applications.

You can choose from 3 different types  – Essential, Preferred or Advanced Edition. Essential is the most affordable of the three and has basic capabilities. Preferred has 10x more voice messaging capacity than Essential. The Advanced Edition offers all these and more.

For the Preferred and Advanced Editions, users can take advantage of the following features for different types of user.

  • Power User allows everyone in the company to communicate via IP phone, cellphone or laptop. All the messages are received in one inbox and the user is automatically notified if an important message comes in.
  • Mobile Worker makes any mobile device an extension of your office phone. It includes call handling features and speed dials.
  • Office Worker is designed for employees who work inside the building. Employees can use a single, easy-to-use interface to manage conferences or check who’s on the phone, who’s away or who’s busy.
  • Teleworkers are employees who work full-time in the field. With this platform, they can have the same functionality you have in the office. They simply connect their phones to the company’s system via a virtual private network.
  • Receptionists take high volume calls each day. Help them manage their calls from their PCs by streamlining call handling with easy point and click controls. Incoming calls and call status are displayed on the screen. Your one receptionist can monitor all  extensions and integrate with your database software.
  • The Customer Service Supervisor can generate reports to monitor sales activities, marketing campaigns and agent productivity.
  • The Customer Service Agent can clearly see information about the calls such as calls on hold, in progress or lost. The number of agents logged in and out is also recorded.

SRP: Starts at $225




Talkswitch is the original small business telephone systems provider.  They provide the original affordable all-in-one PBX phone systems and IP PBX  for small businesses.

TalkSwitch phones offer voicemail, auto attendants, dial-by-name directory and ring groups. These also come with sophisticated features that were once only available for a big PBX. They can also handle VoIP. You can choose from traditional networks, IP  or standard analog phones.

For employees on the go, TalkSwitch offers Connect Anywhere. You can add your cellphone or any telephone as extensions of your office system so you can hire talented teleworkers and save money at the same time.

TalkSwitch system is so easy to install that you can even do it yourself. Moving deskphones around the office is made easier.

As with the other two platforms, TalkSwitch also offers a flexible architecture that allows your platform to evolve with your company.

SRP: Starts at $695