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Top 4 UK Voip Free Trial Offers For Businesses

Today’s phone systems are not only high-tech and affordable. A lot of providers actually offer a free trial so you can really experience their products and service and make an informed decision after the trial period. As a small business, you should take advantage of this generous offer.     Here are the top 4UK […]

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Integrating Skype In To Your Business Telephone System

Back in the day, there were only 3 types of phone systems available – the plain old telephone system, KSU and PBX. Now there are so many advances in technology that VoIP and hybrid systems are available. They can be used by companies both big and small. A hybrid system is a combination of VoIP and PBX. PBX is the type of business telephone system that can be integrated with Skype.

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Which is Better for a Call Centre, VoIP or Analogue?

Do you have a call centre? Whether it is staffed by only two people or two hundred, you need the best telephone system that can handle your requirements. You need a solution that can effectively manage your inbound and outbound call campaigns. Analogue systems have been tried and tested for many years but VoIP systems […]

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Nextiva Review for Call Centres – Reliability, Features and Pricing

When you are running a call centre, your most important investment is your phone system. You need a phone system that can handle your customers’ issues, questions and concerns quickly and easily. Cloud-based call centre In this kind of set up, all the equipment for the call center is based and operated externally, i.e in […]

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Best IP Call Centre Phone Setup

Most call centres run on and IP setup. In a VoIP call centre, the calls are taken on VoIP phones. A typical VoIP call centre usually just has one job such as sales or support. It may be staffed by a single department in the company or from an outsourced group of people as a […]

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