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How Does The 8×8 Virtual Phone System Compare?

VOIP phone systems have opened the door for Small businesses, giving them a wealth of communication options without the huge price tag. Voicemail, conference calling, voicemail, music on-hold, company directories and other features. Cloud-based systems also free entrepreneurs of the burden of paying and maintaining expensive hardware associated with traditional phone systems. 8×8 is a company that […]

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Cloud Business Telephone System Explained

Cloud based technology is all the rage nowadays but what exactly is it? Cloud-based telephone system is a new term. It means a phone service that is delivered through the Internet. The Internet is referred to as the “Cloud”. The Cloud telephone system can also be called Internet Phone System. Data is stored in a […]

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Business Telephone Systems for 8 Lines

Are you looking for a telephone system for 8 lines for your business? Here are some of the best value packages on the web in the UK. Orchid KS832 Analogue PABX Multi Line Phone System (KS832)   This is an easy to install PABX multi line system. It is easy to use and gives small and […]

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Vonage Phone System Review for Small Businesses

Business phone systems from Vonage are cloud based offering flexibility and are easy to manage. You can get a powerful solution without spending too much on upfront costs. You can enjoy infinite flexibility and access to your phone system anywhere as long as you have a good Internet connection combining your laptop, PC, desk phone […]

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