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What is the best restaurant phone system?

Whether you are a small diner to a multi-location franchise, the best type of restaurant phone system for you depends on what features you require. The most important feature is that the customer is able to instantly make a reservation or be in contact with the front of house. The first phone call is the […]

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Samsung 7030 4 line System Review & Prices

Samsung 7030 Telephone System This is a great entry point phone system for the small office. It is fully hybrid and can be combined with wired, wireless, digital or IP phones making it a truly versatile 4 line system which supports up to 16 phones. Plus Samsung is one of the most trusted names in […]

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Telephone System Features

There are many, many business telephone system features out now and as a business owner, it is important that you know and understand most of them. This will help you make a wish list of the features that you want in the future and make a checklist of what you need right now for your enterprise. To receive bespoke quotations on telephone system with your desired features, simply fill out the quotation form above.

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Best Phone System for Telemarketing

Choosing telemarketing Phone System Providers A successful telemarketing phone system need to be able to handle multiple features for effective inbound or outbound calling. The phone systems needs to be able to be linked to telemarketing software for complete integration of the companies records. You will find that most phone systems are based on VOIP […]

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Compare Prices On Phone Systems In Birmingham

Find a Birmingham supplier Finding a suitable supplier is fast and easy with our FREE service. Just fill in the above form and we will match your requirements with the three top suppliers in your area according to your needs. We provide up to 4 no obligation quotations enabling you to find your perfect telephone […]

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Top 5 Companies With Auto Attendant

The receptionist is the gatekeeper of a business. They screen and route calls. They also try to accommodate client requests and basically make the other person on the line happy. He or she is the first point of contact when dealing with your company so it is important to give a good first impression. Modern […]

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Best Cloud Office Phone System Suppliers

Cloud phone systems are the newest trend in business phone systems. It is a phone service delivered through the Internet. In this term, the Internet is the cloud. It is also called an Internet Phone System. This is hosted by a third party provider. Your data is stored in a secure server over the Internet. […]

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