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Siemens Business Telephone System Review and Prices

Siemens has always been synonymous with reliability and quality. They have produced excellent products over the years. Their telephone systems have been on top of the market for many years now because of their user-friendliness and feature-rich product ranges. These are designed for companies that use at least 5 extensions and up such as Coca […]

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The Difference Between Analog and Digital Phone Systems

The telephone is one of the oldest technology to exist but it is also one of the slowest to adopt to a digital alternative. The shift has only started in the 1960s but it is only today that major differences are realized. Both analog and digital systems still exist today. If you are making a […]

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NEC Phone System Dealers

Get quotes from up to 6 NEC phone systems dealers in your area by filling out the above form with your details. We do the leg work saving you time and money! About NEC NEC is one of the world’s leading brands for communication needs. It is owned by the 4th biggest company in the […]

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Guide to VOIP Providers for UK Businesses

For most people, VoIP is somewhat too good to be true. But it is good and it is true. It is more flexible than any conventional system out there. It has more features and best of all, it is way cheaper than traditional telephone systems and rates.

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VOIP or Landline?

A lot of businesses, especially small and start-up ones prefer VOIP because of its many benefits such as free calls. But, you should also look at other aspects of your business and how VOIP can affect them. Most businesses rely on VOIP for long distance and international calls only as these cost the most. If that is your only reason to use a VOIP, then you might not be using your system to the fullest.

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Best Telephone Systems for a Reception

Choosing the right business telephone system enables the receptionist to run more efficiently and complete a wide array of tasks. There are many phones out in the market and they come in a variety of types and styles. You can choose from a system that only has a few lines to a switchboard with multiple […]

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