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Avaya Phone System Review

Avaya is an industry leader and a trusted name providing unified communications to enterprises of all sizes. They have revolutionized the way people communicate with the Avaya IP Office system which provides real business benefits and value for money. These solutions improve customer service, efficiency and collaboration. The Avaya Unified Communications simplify your everyday business processes. These solutions integrate voice, data and video to ensure that users can collaborate in real time, in any device available. This results to a boost in productivity and response time.


The technology used by Avaya helps businesses increase their agility and at the same time lower costs. The business telephone system architecture is flexible and simplifies the deployment of video, voice and collaboration applications.

Avaya phone system review – phones

Users can choose from IP Desk Phones, Digital Desk Phones, Conference Phones, IP DECT Phones and IP Wireless Phones.

Avaya handsets are very user-friendly. This is a very important factor when choosing a phone system. Your phone should be user-friendly and even the most technically-challenged staff should be able to operate it. Your employees will be able to take full advantage of the features of this phone.

The system comes with  free software called Call Status that allows you to see who is talking to whom on your system in real time. You can see how long the phone call lasted. You will never lose a call because you will be able to see missed calls and their number so you can just click to call the person back.

Voicemail quality is excellent with the IP Office. Access your voicemail anywhere. You can listen to it from your handset or PC remotely, 24/7. If you have a phone with a display, you will be able to access your inbox quickly.

You can copy voicemails into your Microsoft Outlook or any similar email program for voicemail to email. Record calls by simply pushing a button when you are on the phone. You can archive, retrieve and forward recorded calls as emails.

IP Office is excellent if you have teleworkers. They can connect their home phones to the Internet and become virtual extensions of your office system. It’s like having them in the office with you.

If you have more than 1 branch, you can link them together using Avaya Small Community Networking. Your multiple sites can work together as one. Calls are free between your sites and users can even see who is on the phone on remote sites.  You can centralize expensive features such as voicemail, call recording, lines and receptionist features, etc. and reduce overheads. You will be able to utilize your VoIP fully.

You can be more responsive and improve your productivity. You can build lasting relationships with your clients and partners with a powerful IP Office solution. You can facilitate faster and smarter decisions resulting to a better business.

Deploy an award-winning solution. More than 12 million users on more than 350,000 systems worldwide trust IP Office. This system is the winner of the TMC Labs Innovation Award for 2013 for significant originality and creativity.

The IP Desk Phones have a sleek, ergonomic design. There is a wide range of models from entry level to models with more sophisticated features. The displays are high resolution to support data and web-based applications. Some models have USB support. Higher models have integrated Bluetooth audio gateways.

The Digital Desk Phones feature a smart design. They are durable, full-featured, highly reliable phones that delivery crystal clear sound. These phones are easy to use.

The Conference Phones offer simple but sophisticated communications solutions to small and large companies. These phones are equipped with superior voice quality technology so meetings are crystal clear. These phones are plug and play so you can connect them easily to a phone line or Ethernet cable. These phones are flexible and feature enhanced audio, video and web conferencing capabilities.

IP DECT mobile devices offer employees who roam within a building high-quality wireless voice communications. These phones feature scalability, high security consume very low power. There are currently two handset models with indoor and outdoor base stations. These stations have 8 voice and 4 signalling channels that can be directly powered via LAN. These phones have basic telephony features, multiple ringtones, 50 contact list and 12-language support. Talk time is 20 hours and standby time is 200 hours. The higher version phones have larger displays, corporate directory integration and WAP browsing.

The Avaya IP Phones are capable of conferencing and can access corporate directories. These phones are designed for a wide range of user requirements and environments. These phones are dust and liquid resistant. They have a user-friendly interface with large displays. They also have battery options to extend your talk time.

Avaya phone system review – Video and Conferencing

Avaya Conferencing integrates audio, video and web capabilities so you, your staff and your clients can collaborate on your preferred devices.

Avaya Video Conferencing solutions extend to desktops and mobile devices. These solutions are cost effective yet flexible, scalable and seamless. They adopt the latest HD technologies in unified communications all managed with the phone manager.

Communication and Messaging

The Avaya Unified Communications has an event notification system that is used for responding to critical events such as security threats, production disruptions and other disasters. When something occurs, alerts are sent to predefined individuals or groups who are key to solving the disaster. Messages can be sent via phone, text messaging and email.

Users of the Unified Communications can work from anywhere with their choice of device that includes desktop and laptop computers, iPhones, Blackberry, Android and Windows devices.



Seamlessly Integrated

You can reply to your emails using your voice or turn an IM into a conference call. You can answer your desk phone even while you are not in your office. No matter where you are, you can seamlessly access all your corporate communication resources.

Optimized Productivity

The Avaya Unified Communications system is designed to make all your communication tools work together seamlessly so you can do more. You connect and collaborate in real time using different applications and devices.

Support for Multiple Vendors

It does not matter if you have different devices and applications from multiple vendors. The Unified Communications System makes them all work together. This results to lower costs but improved flexibility.


The Avaya systems have been used by different corporations and businesses of all sizes for years including Fortune 500 companies so you can be sure that you have a reliable and secure company backing you up.


Installing an Avaya Unified Communications System will help your company lower expenses and increase productivity. You can also expect to have enhanced business continuity and streamline your customer support efforts.

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