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Benefits of VoIP to the Hotel Industry

There has been a constant and steady uptake of VoIP technologies across a multitude of business sectors.  Its innovative features and cost-cutting communication capabilities have been embraced within the hotel industry, resulting in revenue increases.

Maintaining an effective communication platform for hotel guests, in-house staff and potential guests are all important components towards the growth of a hotel.

Guests expect to have access to the conveniences found at their home such as the availability of broadband and wireless services, which they regard as standard amenities in any modern hotel.

Many hotels use more money for maintaining their traditional telephone systems than what they earn from those telephone systems. Therefore, moving their communication needs to the cloud by implementing VoIP technologies greatly reduces their communication costs and accords them additional benefits as outlined below. Generally more and more hotels are moving in to using VOIP for their telecommunication needs and its easy to see why with the advantages VOIP offers.

  • Increases Phone Use by Guests

Majority of hotel guests don’t use the hotel’s PSTN phone system for making long distance calls because it’s expensive.

A hotel using VoIP technologies easily solves this problem.  This is because VoIP technologies enable hotels to offer good quality, low-priced calling tariffs to their hotel guests making it an incentive for attracting potential hotel guests.

  • Business Hub Services

A number of guests are increasingly opting to stay within hotels that provide business level services which allow them to work and interact with their business associates.

VoIP technologies easily provide hotels with business hub services such as video conferencing and flexible, low-cost calling pricing plans.

  • Multiple Features

VoIP enabled IP desk phones are able to provide hotel guests with innovative features such as Voicemail, Call hold, Call forwarding etc

  • Auto-Attendant

VoIP technologies provide automated attendant features to hotels.

Having a human operator is an additional expense at the hotel which many small and medium-sized hotels can’t afford. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult for a single operator to handle a sudden call surge of phone calls during festive periods.

An automated attendant takes care of all these and ensures your hotel doesn’t miss any calls as calls can be forwarded to other recipients within your hotel establishment.  A reduction of missed phone calls will result in increased conversions.

  • Virtual Fax Comes Alive

The fax machine never died but simply evolved into the digital space.

VoIP technologies provide virtual faxing services so that clients can have their printed documents send and received on the other end as physical hardcopy documents.

  • Disaster Recovery Modules

System failure and data loss can negatively affect a hotel.

Fortunately, VoIP technologies enable hotels to safely back up their data and have it installed on another site within a matter of minutes.

  • Scalability

As your hotel grows, so does the need for more additional phone lines.

An extra location or additional rooms equipped with traditional phone lines would require huge investments of time, money and resources.

However, implementing your hotel telephone system using VoIP technologies will enable the addition of phone lines in a cost-effective manner. New phones and extensions can be added at the touch of a button from the back-end  panel, a hotel manage can easily be trained to alter the requirements of the phone system.

  • Customized Pricing Plans

VoIP technologies enable hotels to charge phone bills of their guests based on volume and usage, providing them with a flexible and customized pricing plan.

  • Reduced Setup and Maintenance Costs

Installing a traditional phone system within the hotel isn’t that significant. However, these systems require hardware devices to be bought during the setup, resulting in additional setup expenses.

Hotel telephone systems deployed using VoIP technologies doesn’t your hotel hefty charges apart from buying the required number of IP Desk phones and paying for a monthly internet connection.

  • Reduced System failure

The hotel industry relies on a reliable communication platform and any downtime experienced negatively affects a hotel ability to achieve their targets.

Traditional telephone systems are prone to breakdowns and repairs can take a long time. However, telephone systems operating under VoIP technologies will rarely break down and if the problem is a software issue, it can easily be diagnosed remotely.

  • Integration With Existing Hotel Management System

VoIP technologies enable hotels to integrate their hotel management system with their communication platform. This allows users to access the hotel management system from multiple locations since it’s on the cloud.

The integration also helps them manage their hotel operations such as bookings, laundry, valet parking, bell boy services etc from a single environment resulting in better productivity.


An efficient communication strategy is an essential component for any hotel that wishes to remain relevant in the digital age.

VoIP technologies provide numerous benefits to hotels and it should be your standard communication protocol.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.