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Best IP Call Centre Phone Setup

Most call centres run on and IP setup. In a VoIP call centre, the calls are taken on VoIP phones. A typical VoIP call centre usually just has one job such as sales or support. It may be staffed by a single department in the company or from an outsourced group of people as a part of a third party service.

Call centre phone systems to handle calls correctly and minimize wait time for callers. It should also help improve overall company efficiency. Larger call centres need an even higher level of efficiency especially during the holidays when incoming calls are at their peak.


An inbound call centre takes outside calls and distributes them to the employees. This type needs efficient call routing and is best handled by an Automatic Call Distribution or ACD queue. The ACD immediately routes callers to the available agents thereby reducing hold times for callers. This setup also provides management oversight, real-time monitoring and reports.

Another setup is wherein a call centre is built around lesser technology such as a hunt group. This feature tries the phones until it finds a person to take the call. It is not smart enough to know which workers are available without trying their phones first.

ACD queues can have multiple methods for call distribution. This includes load balancing and routing based on job description or skill. It can also do hierarchical routing which moves an entire group of people in to help take calls when call traffic is heavy.

Best setup

It is for the above reasons that most call centres prefer to implement ACD queuing. Even small call centres can benefit from a well-implemented ACD routing. If you have a large call centre that employs thousands of people then the need for ACD queuing is higher.

One advantage of an IP call center over those that use standard phone lines or PBX systems is that workers that are part of the VoIP all centre don’t necessarily need to work in one office. They can be a distributed call center wherein employees are scattered all around the world, working from their homes or from branch offices.

A traditional call centre that uses legacy phone switches needs to wire all of the involved phones into one system. With an IP call centre, anyone from anywhere in the world can connect to the network with the use of a broadband Internet connection.


According to surveys on the top call centre IP setups all over the world, Switchvox is the top ranking software preferred by many businesses.

Switchvox makes communication easy and affordable. It more than just a business telephone system. It is an award-winning IP PBX that gives your company high-level  Unified Communications tools and robust calling features. It also has mobility applications. The best part is all features are included for one low price.


Switchvox gives your company a robust feature set without the hassle and not to mention expense of a complex licensing model. You don’t have to worry about the added expense of feature licenses if one agent needs more functionality. If you need a function, just click a button to turn it on.

Traditional phone systems need dedicated and costly servers and even individual feature licenses for major apps like fax, voicemail and IVRs. With Switchvox, you can simplify your communications down to one powerful solution. You can get call recording, ACD, mobile apps, desktop fax, presence, etc. in one solution, with one price.


You can get all the basic call features you expect with a modern phone system and more. Examples include conference, hold, transfer and call parking.


Switchboard is a web-based user productivity tool. Every user has access to it. You can click to call, IM, drag and drop transfer, manage presence, etc.


Switchvox Mobile provides many UC features so employees can be on the go and still have contact with the office at all times. Now you are not chained to your desk.

Productivity Tools

You can dramatically improve your overall productivity with these tools.


A simple and intuitive GUI makes it easy to control and manage your communications.

Customer Service Tools

You can now provide a unique and professional experience for your clients with powerful customer service features such as call queues, call recording and IVRs.


With reporting features, you can get valuable data that can help you make informed decisions. You can create logs, graphs, charts and call centre level reports.


The apps give you the ability to build your own integrations with the Extended API. You can also use Google Maps and Salesforce.  


System Admin

Switchvox can make a system admin’s task easier. It provides a set of tools that makes phone system management easy. The web-based Admin Portal is simple and easy to navigate. Intuitive menus are always available. There are also easy-to-understand manuals built right into the GUI.

System Admins are not tied to the office to manage the phone system because the Admin Portal is web-based. They can make simple or complex changes and additions from anywhere.

Office Manager

An efficient office manager keeps tabs on every function in the company and that includes the phone system. A simple but powerful communications tool is what will make the company a success.

Switchvox allows managers to easily monitor and record employees’ calls. They can IM employees to stay connected. They can also run call reports.


Receptionists have the important job of ensuring that clients receive a professional and high class first impression of your company. She needs the right tools to make it happen. With Switchvox, your receptionist can handle calls in a quick and efficient manner with just minimal effort. She can access the Switchboard which offers a lot of features and capabilities.

Mobile Workers

Mobile workers include sales staff that go on sales calls, telecommuters who work from their home office and the occasional mobile worker who needs to take a call in the car or on the road. Today, being mobile is a vital aspect of any business.

This platform allows employees to stay productive and in-touch with their clients wherever they are. The Mobile App is available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android users. Your staff can use their own mobile device while protecting their private number. Your employees can access voicemail and view call logs from their own smartphones.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.