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Best Phone System for Telemarketing

Choosing telemarketing Phone System Providers

A successful telemarketing phone system need to be able to handle multiple features for effective inbound or outbound calling. The phone systems needs to be able to be linked to telemarketing software for complete integration of the companies records. You will find that most phone systems are based on VOIP due to ease of movement and lower costs, and when choosing a provider you need to ensure your companies’ business requirements are fulfilled and it is essential to compare quotations. We can help by providing up to 4 bespoke quotations from telemarketing suppliers in your area with no obligation buy.


Avandda provides the very best business phone solutions for both large and small companies. They provide independent advice on all aspects of telecommunications that encompass a wide range of systems so that customers can get value for their money.

They are a privately-owned company so that means they can offer different phone system solutions. They offer bespoke designs to fit the precise needs of your business. Small companies, large multi-site corporations and any organization that needs to take advantage of converged communications through phone, mobile, data, fax and Internet.

They offer direct dial, auto attendant, voice mail, call logging, call recording, conferencing and call management software.


Call Centre Technology

Avandda offers sophisticated call management software tailor fit for call centres. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of real-time call data. Call details are displayed on discreet Windows desktop displays. Staff can view a summary of current performance, extensions and DDI numbers. It also includes the following features:

  • Summary of received calls, waiting, answered or lost
  • Current longest-waiting call
  • Call-handling activity
  • Longest and average queuing time
  • Average ring time before a call is answered
  • Average time of service after call is answered
  • Group and individual call charges
  • Warning alarms

Telephone Engineer

Telephone Engineer has over 20 years of experience in the Telecoms industry. They cover the whole UK and cater to SMEs and enterprise market sectors. Their objective is to maintain and grow their customer base and continue to offer telephony solutions that are affordable and improve business efficiency and productivity.

They have established relationships with market leaders such as Panasonic, Surfwise, Obit Telecom and Gamma Telecom. This results to competitive business packages for the latest in telecoms technology. They provide customers with the maximum benefits of modern technology which allows clients to focus on managing their core business.

Business telephone systems for UK Companies

The company supplies and installs both Panasonic and BT phone systems as well as refurbished solutions from LG, Nortel and Samsung.

They are able to install high quality voice and data cabling platforms for your system or IT network. They provide analogue and digital lines for free. They are fast, reliable and have friendly staff. The package includes a 12-month warranty and maintenance on any system that you get. They can beat any quotation of equal quality.


Daisy is an independent supplier of affordable services and bespoke unified communications solutions. They cater to SME, mid-market companies and large corporations. They have been providing award-winning customer service since 2001 and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

Their advisors listen to their clients’ requirements before making a recommendation. Their products are designed to fit the requirements of businesses now and in the future. This empowers clients to consolidate to one supplier and have one point of contact for all voice, data, mobile, telecoms and maintenance requirements. A single platform saves time and money and improves workflow.

They are an independent provider that can give clients a balanced assessment of technologies used today. They can then deliver a bespoke solution to meet the client’s requirements at the price they can afford.

Products and Services

They have a wide range of products and services that includes:

  • VoIP
  • Hosted VoIP
  • VoIP Smart Box
  • Phone System Maintenance
  • Mitel and Avaya Platforms
  • Leasing

They also offer broadband, mobile, lines and calls, hosting solutions and cloud solutions.


Future activities

What you are going to do 2 years from now may still be far off from your mind but this is important when buying a phone system. You don’t want to keep changing your system and paying hundreds or thousands of pounds, do you? So, it is a good idea to assess your future needs before committing to a system.


You also need to evaluate the degree of automation that you need versus the cost of software, training time, etc. Is a feature worth buying now or can it wait until next year?

Interim Solution

Now, if you are not sure that you will grow your business in 2-5 years, consider getting a low-cost, easy-to-use interim solution. This will allow you to do your daily communication activities and still maintain a good cash flow. Business phone systems can be expensive and usually come with long commitments so an interim solution is your best bet.

Consider second hand equipment

If you need a system right away, consider getting refurbished equipment just until you have created your team and planned out your communication requirements. Run your system for a few months so you can get a good grasp of the things you need.


There are some equipment that you need and some that you don’t. For example, you need headsets so your staff can go hands-free. These are not expensive but they greatly increase your productivity. Not all phones take headsets so make sure that yours do.

Some phones can be hooked up to a computer so assess if you need a computer for each of your agents. You get a more sophisticated system with software that will make you look and sound professional.

Don’t be swayed by sales people 

In reality, all you need is a phone, a telemarketing script and a telemarketer in order to start. There is no need to go all out on the top equipment in the market until you figure out what you really need. Some gadgets out there are unnecessary so be smart when shopping.


Acquire parts and gadgets gradually. Start with a simple, affordable system that won’t burden you with expensive commitments. Set it up, hire and train people and work for at least 6 months and then consider investing money for long-term solutions such as more gadgets and software.

End Notes

Getting a phone system for your telemarketing needs can be tricky so if you need more help, ask for professional advice. You should also learn more about the platform that you need before meeting suppliers so you will understand what they’re talking about. In general, start with a platform that is easy and affordable but also buildable so it can grow with your business. The best phone system is one that you get to utilize all its features and help you become more productive at the same time improving your cash flow and your bottom line.


Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.