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Best Telephone System for Remote Workers

With working from home mandated there has never been a more important time for your companies phone system to accommodate remote workers, allowing individual team members to work as a well oiled machine from different locations. Choosing the right phone system is key when it comes to unifying staff members ensuring maximum productivity and synchronising the work day. We compare the top systems for remote workers keeping your office and work flow in momentum keeping the members continuing as a unified team.

Without a doubt a cloud based phone system is the leading choice for remote workers. With a cloud based system everything is based online. All calls are based over the internet using VOIP and workers only need an internet connection to log in to the system. They can also connect this to their mobile phone using the suppliers app to take calls and continue working with their mobile.

The benefits that technology has given us are tremendous, workers no longer have to be in the same office to work as a team. While this can reduce overheads, it is imperative to keep communication lines strong. So which system is best for communication between remote workers? We review the top companies in the industry to help you decide which company is right for your business.

  1. Nextivia.

Nextivia leads the way when it comes to business telephone systems for remote workers. Offering HD (High definition) voip quality which is optimised to reduce background noise in conversations, making for a better quality and more professional call. The HD quality is also incorporated in the video conferencing, which is a top feature of the VOIP packages. HD Quality means the video quality is precision sharp and the audio is in real time. Nextivia´s system allows guests to join in the meetings easily from their web browser, there is no need to them to download specific softwares, this is perfect for talks with clients or interviews.

A top reason for using a VOIP service for your business is to lower the call costs as it has paved the way for unlimited calling plans. Not only can you make calls from anywhere, completely uniting remote workers, you can lower the calling costs for your company by up to 60% compared to landlines. International calls also start at a penny per minute.

Nextivia also includes the following features as standard that were previously only available in high end systems.

Call recording allows you to insure the quality of your sales and customer support for ongoing coaching and respond to customer complaints with ease.

Auto attendant. This a automated answering service that allows you to automatically direct incoming calls to the right service or department. This is fully customisable allowing you to record your specific greeting for your clients this will improve customer confidence getting them to the right person in the fastest time and introduce a more professional feel.

Call notifications – wil sed you alerts based on the called ID and the time they called. This can be set up for specific calls or generalised so you get a good understanding of the incoming calls to your business. You can also ensure no call is left cold with a holiday schedule and dedicated call back line.

Nextivia are currently offering a 7-day free trial on all their packages to see if their system work for your business.


The best platform for remote workers

Hosted VoIP and IP phones are the best types for remote workers as they offer both business and employees a multitude of benefits. This platform allows for flexibility for people who are away from their offices.

How to use the system

For home workers, they can just plug the phone into an Ethernet line and punch a few buttons and they are connected to the office network. The home phone can have its own extension number. It can be connected externally and through the internal network.

Calls within the network are free. If the user needs to make an outside call it will be billed to the main office so there is no need for expense claim forms.


Call centers can be deployed even when employees are miles apart. You can have a wide pool of manpower with different skills and talents without worrying about where to keep them in one roof so they can stay connected.

This is also great for employees who need some time out from physically going to the office due to health restraints. They can continue working without aggravating their condition. By installing this system, business owners can have peace of mind that they contact their staff wherever they are.

On-call employees also benefit from this as they can integrate their mobile phones into the network. Employees who handle delicate matters can also go home and be contacted when they are needed.  They don’t need to hang around in the office waiting for something to happen. By being able to get through the network even when at home, they can fix small issues right away.

You can divert calls to different devices that are connected to the system. If the boss needs to go on a business trip, he can easily be contacted when there are issues that need his attention. You can do all these at an affordable price.

Pricing and Dealers 

There is no set amount for a VoIP system. You have to contact the dealers directly to get a quote. They will ask you several questions regarding your requirements. They may also inspect your premises to get a better understanding of your setup and needs.

You can also go to a comparison website where you fill up a simple form and they will give you the top suppliers in your area according to the requirements you input in the form. This is a good alternative as they do all the grunt work for you. All you need to do is meet with the dealers and find the best one.

It is wise to list all your needs and wants in a business telephone system before meeting with suppliers. You can also ask them for a demonstration and be sure to be clear on costs and additional charges.

Other popular brands that can offer you assistance are Cisco, Avaya, NEC, BT and Mitel. These brands will take care of all your needs and will help you choose the best solution for your budget.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.