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What is the best restaurant phone system?

Whether you are a small diner to a multi-location franchise, the best type of restaurant phone system for you depends on what features you require. The most important feature is that the customer is able to instantly make a reservation or be in contact with the front of house. The first phone call is the first point of contact, so if clients are met with an engaged tone, an unanswered call or an unfriendly welcome there is a good chance this negative image could stick long before the customer has stepped inside the actual restuarant.


We can offer the following clever time saving features suitable for restaurants.

  • Link caller ID to booking software so customers can be greeted personally by name.
  • Call queuing system, so a client is never greeted with an engaged tone.
  • The seamless connection of different working areas and different franchises.
  • A tool free number which is the go-to number for reservations of multiple locations.
  • An answering service that can be converted to a text or e-mail so front-of-house can instantly be notified of a new enquiry.
  • An automated service so clients can access their reservations to make changes in time or cancel altogether with the press of a button, a huge time saving bonus.
  • The seamless connection of different working areas and different franchises.


Types of restaurant phone system


VoIP for restaurants

This is the most popular type of system because of its flexibility and affordability. It can include voice and data. You use the Internet instead of relying on conventional phones. In most instances, this kind offers you lower initial call costs compared to traditional systems. Some calls are even for free. You can deal with both home and professional clients. The problem with this kind is connectivity can be weak inside the dining area if your broadband is not good enough. You can either ask the supplier to install this for you or you can install it yourself.

KSU for restaurants

KSU stands for Key Service Unit. This kind needs to be installed by an expert. You need a centralized unit that is usually stored in a utility closet. The telephones connect to this unit. You also need a phone program and some special gear. If your restaurant needs 10 to 50 cell phone lines and you need to control them by switching extensions from inside your location this is a good option for you.

PBX for restaurants

A Private Branch Exchange is advisable for large restaurants. It can also be used if you have scattered teams that need to be linked to each other. This type processes phone traces collectively. This also needs to be installed by an expert. You can purchase a solitary PBX unit to handle multiple places. It can also handle more lines than a KSU unit.

Things to consider

Before selecting a platform, you need to think about these several things.

Restaurant type

Are you a casual, family, formal or delivery service? If you are a formal restaurant that requires reservations, you may want to consider more than one phone line to accommodate all those calls. If you are or have a delivery service, you need to have at least 4 phones. Experts recommend having at least 4 lines for any type of food service establishment. One line should be dedicated to credit card or fax transactions.

How many calls does the busiest time of the week get?

Your phone lines should be able to handle the busiest time of the week. Base your preference on that number. You want to avoid busy signals on that day.

Future growth

Do you see an expansion happening in a few years? Therefore, find a system that is buildable or expandable. You don’t want to buy a system that is not compatible to upgrades and features that you need.


You may need several accessories such as a POS system, some headsets, message on-hold machines. Some features you may want to incorporate are auto attendant, marketing messages, call sequencers, etc.


Aside from being durable, your chosen system must have a good warranty. Usually, the warranty lasts for 2 years.


Being in the restaurant business means getting your hands dirty…literally so you need to protect your phone from grease, flour and other ingredients. The phone must have grease guards on the face and keypad.


Consider the age of your employees. If you have senior (mature) employees, it would be a good idea to get a phone that is easy to use. This is also a good choice if you don’t have regular employees working for you. You can avoid wasting time and money by training them.

If you do need training, ask your supplier if they provide it for free or if they charge a small fee.

Repairs and maintenance

Before buying, you should also clarify who will handle repairs and maintenance. Will you be charged a fee or is it already included in the contract. Repairs can be expensive so get this out of the way at the beginning of the contract.


Of course you need to take your budget into consideration. Check your cash flow, consult your accountant (if needed) and tell the supplier right away what your price range is so that they will not push you to get a high-end system that you won’t be able to fully utilize.


A basic 2-line phone that you can buy at an office supply store costs around £60 to £120. They are easy to install and cheap but if you need to add lines, these become worthless.

You will know when it’s time to add more lines by the pace of your business. For 4 lines, sales should be around £300,000. For 6 lines, around £500,000 in sales. If you are churning £1 million in annual sales, then you should consider 8 or more lines.



The company is called Call Systems Technology. It is London-based and is the UK’s market leader when it comes to wireless on-site communications. They have the largest installed base of hospitality platforms in the UK.

They invest heavily to source quality systems that will deliver good ROI for their clients. They cater to over 11,000 users that include chain and independent leisure and hospitality venues, manufacturing companies and global retail. They listen to and understand their customers’ on-site requirements.


They have different products for restaurants, bars and pubs that include:

  • Phones
  • Waiter call paging system
  • TableScout
  • Easy call for restaurants
  • Alarm call paging
  • Alarm pagers
  • Apps
  • Table locators
  • Different pagers
  • Food checkers
  • Service Please

You need to contact them directly to get a brochure and price quote.


Mobo is a dynamic forward thinking company that is quickly becoming a leading supplier of EPOS systems and smart retail technology. They provide robust and reliable solutions to the retail and hospitality sectors. They service start-ups to multi-site operations.


  • EPOS Systems
  • Handheld and Mobile
  • Franchise Management and online ordering software
  • Retail audit system
  • Cash registers
  • Stock and reporting
  • Kitchen monitor systems

You also need to contact the company directly for a price quote.

End Notes

When choosing a system, budget for future needs as well as its largest scope. Grow your system as your business grows. As a general rule, start simple and work your way up. It’s better to keep your money as long as you can until it’s time to expand.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.