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Review of Orchid PBX416 SME Business Telephone System

The Orchid PBX416 is an analog system designed for the small business. It is a Do-It-Yourself system that is full of features that your business can use to effectively connect to clients, staff and the outside world. These features are usually found on much more expensive equipment but you can get them at an affordable price

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Small Business Telephone Systems from Orchid

Orchid provides small business telephone systems that are affordable. Their PBX systems start at under £130. They have a range that suits all small office needs. Take note that these products do not compromise on quality and functionality. The phone systems are easy to install and easy to use. They also come with plug and play technology.

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Review of Orchid PBX206 Telephone System

Are you looking for a system that will give you great value for your money? Well, look no further than the Orchid PBX206. This is a do-it-yourself phone system that is very easy to install, perfect for entry level and small businesses that need a phone system but don’t want to spend a lot.

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