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A Review of Cisco Phone Systems

If you want to save money and help make your company more productive, you can’t go wrong with a small business phone system from Cisco.


Offering a variety of different products for business to fit in whatever stage of growth and communication requirements. If your business is ready to take the step of moving to VOIP, Cisco can help every step of the way whilst offering flexibility in the years to come. We liked Cisco for the flexibility it had to offer and the variety of packages available.

A Cisco phone system will allow you to collaborate in real time with the use of several applications. These are all accessible within a single easy-to-use interface. You get a communications solution that is more cost-effective but more powerful than a traditional phone system.

Stay on top of your game

Cisco will allow you, your staff, business partners and customers to conduct business using a combination of voice, data, video and even mobile applications and costs as little as a daily cup of coffee. To compare prices, simply fill out the above form.

You can access the following applications quickly and easily in a single user-friendly interface:

  • Voicemail
  • Video conferencing
  • Database queries
  • Mobile soft phones
  • Client information

Cisco offers companies a simplified communications solution to make employees more productive from small businesses to hotels.

Get as many options as you need

It is possible to get as many options as you need with a Cisco platform. They can be as feature-rich as you want them to be. This is made possible through the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. Some examples of options include:

  • Voicemail
  • Paging
  • Intercom
  • Auto attendant
  • “Presence” technology

These phone systems allow you to link up to the applications that you just can’t do without:

  • Interactive meetings with Cisco Unified Meeting Place Express and WebEx
  • Link to, Microsoft Office and CRM with Cisco Unified Call Connector software
  • Improve staff mobility with Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones
  • Turn regular calls into video calls with Cisco Unified Video Advantage

If you need even more features, you can add Cisco Unity Express which includes the following:

  • Message notifications through text, email or phone
  • 16 voicemail capacity or automated calls at once
  • Interactive voice response features and options

The Basics of Small Business Telephone Systems

Small business phone systems used to be very basic. The unit itself only offered a rotary dial or a keypad, a dial tone and some buttons for putting clients on hold or switching between lines.

Thanks to advances in technology, today’s small business phones are far more advanced. You can now connect to the Internet or to your company’s network. You can automatically route callers to specific persons or departments. Employees can go mobile. They can take their office phones with them so you and your clients can reach them even if they are out on the field. They can always stay in touch wherever they go.

Using an advanced phone system can help your company compete more effectively with larger competitors. Here are a few ways you can use voice, conference and unified communications to enhance the power of your platform.

Enhance Collaboration

When you combine your system with data networks and computers, you are no longer just limited to voice. There are now IP (Internet Protocol)-based phone systems that let you combine Web conferencing, voice, unified communications and video into effective collaboration tools. Staff can communicate even when they are far from each other so you can speed up decision making.

Improve relationships with your customers

If you add customer contact center technology to your small business phones, you can give customers multiple ways of reaching you. You can be reached via phone, email, fax or click-to-chat. Your customer support team can provide faster, more targeted service.

You no longer have to worry about customer calls as you can provide a dedicated support team 24/7 without the additional overhead costs. Your support team can take the calls even when they are at home.

Free Your Workforce

The modern small business phone is not tied to a desk…neither are employees. They are out doing sales calls. They are in airports, cafes, at home or even working out of a hotel room. All the while, there is a need to stay in touch with the office and customers. Employees can have all incoming business calls to their home office, mobile or other phones with just one phone number so that they can quickly answer calls wherever they are working.

Go Green and Save Money

A small business phone with voice and Web conferencing capability can enhance productivity and reduce travel costs. This allows your company to ‘go green’ which is an increasingly important subject to consumers.

You can also save on phone charges. You can simplify the installation process with a combined voice-data network. You can also easily manage your business phone system. Unified messaging reduces the amount of time an employee spends managing messages.

Cisco phones for your business

Here are two examples of Cisco phones that are great for your business.

Cisco Unified IP Phones 500 Series

This is an affordable, entry-level phone system that provides your entire workforce with advanced communications tools. You improve your company’s performance while maintaining business costs low.

Cisco Unified IP Phones 7900 Series

Make employees more productive by giving them the voice and data communications that they require with this phone system series.

Finding the right business telephone system for you

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So, what are you waiting for? Give our service a try and get the best business telephone system for your company at the best price today.

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