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What’s out there?

There are several business telephone solutions to choose from. One of the most popular choices for small businesses is from panasonic.

Panasonic NCP

If you want a Panasonic telephone system, go to an authorized reseller. The Panasonic NCP is one of the most reliable and cost effective systems in the market today.

Why choose this system?

Here are several benefits you can enjoy from the NCP.


Panasonic systems are extremely reliable that is why a lot of businesses trust them with their phone system. Customers can get great value for their money.

Optional call recording

You can choose from a wide range of call recording systems to be connected to your Panasonic system. You can also receive inbound and outbound call recording for free. Just ask your supplier about it.

Auto attendant

The Panasonic system comes with a flexible and comprehensive auto attendant.

Built in voicemail

It comes with a built-in voicemail. Each extension has its own inbox and you can assign mailboxes to groups which can work smoothly with different time profiles that are being used.

Voicemail to email

You can automatically have your voicemails in your email inbox. They can be attached as a .wav file. Ask your supplier about this feature.

Fully IP and SIP enabled

These systems are fully IP enabled so they are compatible with SIP trunks, mobile extensions, IP extensions, homeworking, etc. The IP handsets are also POE enabled. This is useful in environments with wiring restrictions.

You can also easily add SIP trunks to the system. This is an additional way of making outbound calls and at the same time give your system added redundancy and reliability.

Mobile VoIP

This feature makes you reduce your telecoms bill while you are on the move. You can use your system anywhere with a Data connection.

Custom music on hold

You can use your choice of music on hold. You can upload music or a customized message recording for a more professional image.

Click to dial

Panasonic systems are fully compatible with Go Connect which is a suite of software apps that will allow you click and dial from Microsoft Outlook, Google, your CRM system, etc.

Call groups

Call groups allows multiple phones to ring at the same time. You can add as many groups as you need easily. You can also transfer calls to these groups.

Call queuing

Queues are the quickest way to manage a large volume of inbound traffic. You can combine them with IVRs for a more professional inbound approach.

Remote workers

These systems are fully IP enabled so it is easier to connect remote workers to the main system.

Time profile

Change call routing depending on the time of day or day of the week. This makes managing inbound calls much easier.



You can connect to 8 parties in one call.

Anonymous dialing

You can dial out anonymously any time.

Corporate directories

You can store up to 1000 names and number into a directory. You can share this with your staff.

Free calls between sites

You can reduce calls further with free calls between sites. Ask your supplier about this feature.

CRM integration

Panasonic systems are fully compatible with many software apps that will allow you to screen pop a record into different CRM applications. Ask your supplier about it.

International numbers

You can get a global presence by having an international phone number. Ask your supplier about this option.

Local telephone numbers

You can have an unlimited amount of local numbers from around the country. You can also have vanity or memorable numbers for an additional cost.

National telephone numbers

You can choose from a selection of 0300, 0333, 0845 or 0843 numbers. . You can also have vanity or memorable numbers for an additional cost.


Prices and Packages

Package 1

NCP with 4 digital phones  – £35 per month

This system includes 140 extensions and 60 lines, voicemail, music on hold, auto attendant and call transfer. It can be installed for free and comes with a free 2-year maintenance.

Package 2

NCP with 8 digital phones at £55 per month

This package includes 60 lines and 140 extensions, auto attendant, voicemail, music on hold and call transfer. It is also installed for free and comes with a free 2-year maintenance.

Package 3

NCP with 12 digital phones at £65 per month

This package comes with 60 lines and 172 extensions. It has voicemail included as well as auto attendant. It also comes with call transfer. It is installed for free and also comes with a free 2-year maintenance.

Package 4

NCP with 20 digital phones at £89 per month.

This packages comes with 60 lines and 172 extensions. Features include voicemail, call transfer, auto attendant and music on hold. This system is installed for free. There is also a free 2 years maintenance included.

You can get this system on flexible payment terms and even a 0% interest leasing option. Please take note that the offer depends on the supplier.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.