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How Does The 8×8 Virtual Phone System Compare?

VOIP phone systems have opened the door for Small businesses, giving them a wealth of communication options without the huge price tag. Voicemail, conference calling, voicemail, music on-hold, company directories and other features. Cloud-based systems also free entrepreneurs of the burden of paying and maintaining expensive hardware associated with traditional phone systems. 8×8 is a company that provides all the features that a small business needs at an affordable price.


Why 8×8?

Ease of use

Cloud-based systems are easy to setup and use. 8×8 offers exactly that. You can start using their system with just a high-speed Internet connection and some IP phones. How does pricing compare to other vendors? Simple fill out our simple quote request form to find out:


Starting up

Sign up for the service by calling a sales representative directly. Decide what service plan you want and if you want to purchase the IP phones directly from them. If you are buying their phones, you can start using the preconfigured system as soon as they arrive. Delivery is typically within 4-5 business days. If you are using phones from another vendor, you need to work with 8×8’s support team to configure them. After configuration, plug the phones in, activate them and restart.

Next step is personalizing the system according to your workstyle. You can manage your system through an online portal where you create and set up extensions, create ring groups and personalize the auto attendant. You can access the portal through their website. You can also manage billing and run call log reports. You can also get support if needed.

A technical installation specialist will walk you through the configuration steps. This is conducted through a one-hour free session. This is great especially if you don’t have IT staff on hand.

Everything you need to configure and manage your new system is on the online portal. It’s easy to locate and understand.











Aside from features, you need a reliable system to keep up with your demands. 8×8 has one of the highest documented uptimes with 99.997% among all cloud-based VoIP systems. The last time they had a major outage was in 2011 when the system was down for 30 minutes.

8×8 has a number of built-in redundancies to avoid any problems. They have 2 data centers in the US. They provide automatic and transparent failover to prevent service disruptions.

The company also works with several different call carriers to guarantee the highest call quality. When a carrier goes down, the traffic is automatically redirected to another carrier to ensure call continuity.


Besides the phones, you don’t have to purchase or maintain hardware since everything is hosted in the cloud. The other cost you will incur are the monthly service fees.

You can choose from two types of service plans – unlimited and metered. The unlimited plan includes unlimited local and long distance calls. Metered plans come with a set amount of minutes. You also have a choice between the Virtual Office and Virtual Office Pro plan.

The unlimited Virtual Office plan costs around $22/user/month for 5-9 employees. The other one costs around $20/month/user for 10 employees and above. This plan already includes auto-attendant, voicemail, online call management, softphone access and the ability to connect to the system through iOS and Android devices.

The Virtual Office Pro plan costs $27/month/user. It includes all the features as well as Web and video conferencing, call recording and Internet faxing.

The metered plan is good for companies that don’t make many outbound calls. This plan includes unlimited inbound calling. You can get the same options as the other two plans except this one only includes 250 minutes of outbound calls to the US and Canada. These plans cost $10/month/user for the Virtual Office plan and $15 for the Virtual Office Pro.

You pay on a monthly basis and you are not bound by any lengthy contracts. If you want a toll-free number, that will cost you extra. You pay for them monthly.

Their IP phones cost $105 which is considerably cheaper than other retailers. You are not obligated to buy from 8×8.


One of the best parts about 8×8 phone systems is they include almost every calling and integration feature out there.

Freedom from features











One of the best features is the direct phone number option where each extension includes its own unique direct inbound dial phone number. Customers can call a specific person directly.

Other features that you will find useful are 3-way calling, conference, call forwarding/waiting and transferring. You can view and listen to your voicemails online, access them by phone or have them delivered to your email.

An online chat system is available as well as a presence feature that shows who is available to take a call. You can integrate your system with Salesforce or MS Office among many programs. You can also hook it up into your Outlook.

8×8 offers mobility features. The mobile apps let users take the functionality of the phone system wherever they go. Aside from making and receiving calls, you can also check your voicemail online, make video calls, IM co-workers and send/receive Internet faxes.

When you make calls using the mobile app, your business line caller ID will show up in the phone of the person you are calling. Your personal numbers are separate from your business one.

8×8 is feature rich and includes everything you need to support your daily communication needs.

Customer service

8×8 customer support is good offering support via phone and their website. You can find tools, user guides, webinars and video tutorials.


Some features cost extra. Other providers include these features in the cost of their service plans. However, this may be the reason why others have expensive monthly costs. If you don’t need these features, you don’t have to pay for them with 8×8.


8×8 for Small-Medium Enterprises

You can have the same telecommunications service, reliability and advanced technology that big businesses get but at the right size and the right price with 8×8.


You can overcome your biggest challenges with a business phone service from 8×8. It’s easy to use and very affordable. Now you can compete with the big boys and win with services that make you sound professional.


Business Phone Services and Collaboration

Project a big company image with enterprise level features such as auto attendant, hold music, web faxing, video meetings and web conferencing.

Cut your monthly phone bills in half and save money for a rainy day or an expansion.

Stay connected wherever you are thanks to mobile apps, advanced call forwarding, company-wide extension dialing and voicemail-to-email.

Unify all your staff with one phone system that works wherever they are. They can work in the office, from home or on the road.

Unified Communications Suite

Now you can get all your phone, fax, collaboration and call center services in one complete suite. You can manage all your communications with ease and simplify your life with just one vendor, one system and one low monthly bill. Your teams can stay focused wherever they are thanks to features such as teleconferencing, web meetings, video conferencing, mobile apps, etc.

Need call center solutions?

8×8 can give you call center features to help you manage incoming calls. The result? Happier customers and more repeat business. Prices start very low. Your customer can be connected to the right person every time with skills-based routing. You can spend less time managing customer representatives because the system gives you an easy-to-understand report that show you their performances. Call monitoring and call recording allow you to improve customer service. You can easily add new people and capabilities to adjust to demand or growth.

8×8 offers different solutions to your business needs. It is one of the best companies out there to provide you with the latest telecommunication features and technology.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.