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A Review of Mitel Business Phones

Mitel has a simple philosophy for business – simple, clear and future-proof. That’s what you get from their products and services. Mitel makes business communication simple. Their products encompass barriers allowing you to work wherever you are. You can also enjoy lower communications costs. You will also see that their phones are easy to use and deployment and maintenance is a breeze. They are also ready to adapt to the future as they fully understand that the need to communicate is constant but the method we use to communicate will always change.

Mitel has the most comprehensive portfolio of IP desktop phones. These phones are ergonomically designed to fit right into the modern office. These phones are feature-rich and offer advanced desktop applications.

Mitel 504 IP Phone

This model is an affordable entry-level display phone. It has two lines and a dual IP port. It features a 40-character backlit display and supports both MiNet protocols and SIP. This phone is suited for the retail environment. You can place the phone beside the cash register or mount it on a wall.

The two lines have LED indication. One is a prime line and the other one is programmable. Your phone features 8 programmable keys to help you make calls faster. These include paging, conferencing, speed dials, features access codes, voice mails, etc. The phone also visually alerts you of incoming calls and alerts you if there is a message waiting for you.

This system is ADA-compliant and is designed to reduce power consumption.

Mitel 5312 IP Phone

This phone model is a programmable sophisticated phone. It’s a hands-free speakerphone that features a 40-character display. You can personalize the 12 programmable keys for your most dialed numbers or your most used applications. You get a lot of IP features with the familiarity of a traditional phone. This phone is great for teleworkers, technical support staff, office employees, sales and medical offices who need a set of sophisticated features to support their daily tasks.

The phone has 8 function keys for hold, mute, transfer, etc. It also has voice mail access. You can setup conference calls with this phone. When used with other Mitel services, you get a phone that streamlines your communications processes which results to improved productivity, enhanced customer service and reduced costs.

Mitel 5324 IP Phone

This phone was designed for the company that needs intensive communication that requires a converged IP infrastructure. This phone is rich in features and is a multi-line IP speakerphone that offers you hands-free operation. This phone is best for managers, teleworkers, professionals, help-desk agents and contact center agents who have constantly changing needs. This phone provides you with superior call handling and programmable access to advanced features such as voice communication and other IP-based applications. This phone supports programmable key modules or PKMs, line interface modules and conference units.

The phone has a 40-character display and 24 programmable multifunction keys. It has 8 function keys for basic actions such as speaker, mute, transfer, etc. A browser-based desktop tool is available for easy access to the phone’s features. This phone is also designed to save energy. When used with other Mitel services, this phone is a powerful communications tool that improves your processes which in turn improves your bottom line.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.