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Advantages of a Mitel Business Phone System

Mitel is the industry leader when it comes to desktop IP phones, offering call quality without compromise. This not only dramatically reduces call costs, but allows an office phone environment from just about anywhere.

How do these features and benefits impact your company?

Business advantages

Smooth business process

Because of the many features of a Mitel phone, you and your employees can easily work together wherever you are – in the office or outside. Since you have a powerful system in place, you can immediately respond to a company or client issue. Presence Technology shows whoever is available to take a call.

Boost productivity

Working together flawlessly will definitely increase your productivity. You can assign your employees one number and one voice mailbox. They can answer wherever they are.

Work smarter

You and your employees don’t need to be tied down to your desks. You can take your work with you whether on a business trip or at home. You can easily go from one department to another and not worry about missing important calls because you have office roaming. You don’t need to check different devices for messages as you only have one voicemail.

Stay within your budget

A business phone system is not cheap but this brand allows you to use just one network for all your communications and data needs. This significantly reduces your call costs. This is particularly helpful for organizations that operate on several sites.

Flexible workforce

Teleworking is a huge possibility. You can empower your employees to work from home and make decisions in a snap. By having your employees work from home, you can significantly reduce overhead costs. You can also minimize office space if you want. You also don’t have to manage several bills thus saving you money on administration costs.

The number one concern of business owners is the availability of their employees when they are teleworking. With Dynamic Extension, you can be sure to reach them wherever they are.

Benefits to your customers

Your customers can easily get through to the right person who is capable of helping them with their concerns. Mitel has an automatic call distribution that does this. A pre-recorded message asks your callers which department they want to be transferred to and they will be automatically connected . Because of this and other features of a Mitel Communications Director, you project a professional image to your clients, colleagues and staff.

Let’s take a look at the features this phone has to offer:


Mitel phones are powerful and have advanced standardized functionalities. They can seamlessly interact with mobile devices. They can keep up with any organization of any size.

Executive Phones

The touchscreen phones are flexible and stylish. They have a large color display that allows you to enjoy internet content such as news, weather and Twitter feeds. You don’t have to transfer to a PC to view these things. They also feature an HTML toolkit for bespoke apps if a company wants to make their own applications. They are perfect for a multi-site or a single site organization.

Desk phones

These have a standardized look and feel. They are easy to use and come with standard handsets and keypads. Common buttons include redial, transfer and hold keys. These are switched 10/100 ethernet sockets allowing for “one-drop” connectivity. You can implement IP easily if you need to.

They are also capable of noise reduction. Visual voicemail, HTML displays, customisation and presentations are available in various models.

Large Display Phones

These have soft labelling. This means that the buttons can change functionality depending on the phone’s mode. The user can define keys which are labelled electronically. This allows for easier employee transition and less fuss for your IT department.

All telephones have fully programmable keys. They come with these standard buttons:

  • Do not disturb
  • Hold
  • Call transfer
  • Call history

All telephones feature a company directory except for the entry-level models.

Entry Level Types and above

Any employee can use any telephone in the network and personalize it as if it’s his own. The phone will automatically download his personal settings, phonebook, preferences and security settings.


Aside from the standard handset and keypad, some models have cordless handsets, cordless headsets or both. This feature allows them to look stylish as there are no unsightly cords dangling around the desk.

For conference calls, a conferencing module can be added. This comes with an intelligent microphone that activates when noise is detected in the current speaker.

Other accessories include IP Dect and WIFI handsets for employees who are always on the move inside the office. They can have office roaming any time they need it. If you are looking for an IP phone system, Mitel definitely is one to consider.

With telephones suited to the needs of a receptionist, a secretary, a sales person and a director; Mitel believes that where you are should not dictate how you work. Now, everything is possible.

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Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.