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NEC Phone System Dealers

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About NEC

NEC is one of the world’s leading brands for communication needs. It is owned by the 4th biggest company in the world and was established in 1899.

NEC invests over £2 billion each year into vital R&D to continuously improve their products and technologies. They have one of the largest patent collections in the world. NEC is Japan’s biggest supplier of phone systems in the SME sector. They employ 150,000 worldwide and one of the top 5 global companies in computers and communications. A certified NEC phone system dealer will be able to help you install one of these systems in your office, we can help with up to 6 quotations from NEC phone systems dealers in your area, simply fill out the above form.

NEC phone system dealers

NEC Telephone Systems

The brand’s portfolio is ideal for offices that are looking for ISDN30, ISDN2, SIP Trunks or any combination of the 3 and with a user requirement of 4 to 500 extensions. These systems have no real ceiling because of their ability to daisy chain via IP. This is a complete IP solution that allows users to get global networking capabilities with IP tools so you can now work from home or satellite offices and still be part of the office telephone system.

General Features

  • DECT
  • WIFI
  • Mobility where smart phones an act as extensions of the system
  • Computer Telephone Integration so you can take advantage of Outlook and other databases
  • Voice processing from basic voicemail
  • Auto attendant to full Unified messaging so you can convert voicemail to email
  • Award-winning handsets that have a unique design; can be taken apart for max flexibility
  • Real Time Reporting Call Centre Software
  • Call Recording (My Calls Brand)
  • High end multimedia contact centre and seamless integration to Outlook for Presence function

Phone Systems available from NEC Dealers.


This phone system is great for offices with up to and including 500 users. It is expandable so can easily grow with your company. Starting with a technically advanced phone system and level up to a truly advanced and unified communication machine.

Improve business performance improving the reachability of your workforce, whether they are at home or in the field; using their laptop, mobile home or office phone; you can ensure unified communications.

As part of the UNIVERGE 360 portfolio, this system creates a 360-degree communication that encompasses mobile, field and converged communication such as presence, email and instant messaging.

Key Features

Handsets have a unique interchangeable design and include unique Bluetooth handsets. Get Netlink survivability between branches.

The system is built with modular architecture so you can scale economically. It supports VoIP and traditional voice. It has embedded applications that include voicemail. You can get mobile extensions at no extra charge.

Who can use the SV8100?

It is ideal for the small office that needs a better-priced system than the ones in the market but has a tremendous scalability capability for fine investment.

Small to medium businesses can improve their productivity and efficiency with tools that are commonly associated with a higher price tag.

Call centres can use powerful call management software so that they can give top quality customer service. Optimize your workforce all the time.

Branch offices can benefit from the unique Netlink feature that allows multiple systems to operate as one. It also has multiple business continuity options. Netlink is a highly cost-effective solution.

If you have home workers, the SV8100 uses the latest VoIP technology so you can minimize costs. Your home workers will be able to maximize the system’s features even while at home.

Mobile workers can also benefit from the system whether they are in the office or out in the field. NEC offers a comprehensive mobile connectivity solution to ensure all users are contactable whenever, wherever. You can get cutting edge features such as mobile extensions for free.

The hotel and hospitality industry can also enjoy features that will enhance the guests’ hospitality experience. At the same time, they can optimize work efficiencies.

The healthcare industry can enjoy a simplified and enhanced communication process so they can spend more time with their patients. Response time is also improved.

Legal and finance industry can use features such as call recording. They will be able to easily access any archived calls. These are guaranteed to be secure.

NEC SL1100

This system takes communication to the next level. With a high end built-in voice recognition system providing auto attendant and call- routing. This exciting feature is free of charge so it is ideal for small businesses on tight budgets. You can choose between IP or digital making it a truly flexible choice.

Mobile Extension

You will be able to carry your office number with you even when you are out. You can access features such as call transfer, voicemail, caller ID, etc. No need to miss an important call even when you are stuck in traffic.

You can now maintain high quality service even when your team is out of the office. Your sales team will never miss an important call by using Mobile Extension.

Wireless DECT

Even if you are away from your desk, you will still be able to maintain high quality service with DECT handsets that allow for wireless voice communications. You can move around the office but still be reachable.

Voicemail and Auto Attendant

This system features InMail. It is more than just a regular voicemail inbox. It is full of powerful business features that make being up-to-date easier.

Use Conversation Recording to keep track of important conversations. You can email recorded conversations to colleagues or store them for quick reference. You can keep your office updated.

You can have personalized greetings so you can greet your callers appropriately. You can leave a message that says you are on vacation, out of the office, etc. You can also give them an alternative means to contact you such as another phone number, email , etc.

Your desk, mobile or home phone are capable of Message Notification. You can easily monitor your mailbox wherever you are. You can even choose to receive email notifications and listen to your messages as an audio attachment.


These systems are aggressively priced. As one business differs from the next one, specific prices are not widely published so you need to contact a certified dealer for an accurate quotation based on your requirements. Simply fill out the above form to receive quotes based on your requirements from NEC phone system dealers in your area.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.