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Panasonic Systems For Your Business Reviews & Prices

Panasonic believes that there’s nothing small about your business. They have built the business phone system to meet your every need. With their systems, you will be able to easily configure 8 to over a thousand extensions. You can expand without any problems. By leveraging your existing data networks, you can easily reduce costs. Don’t worry if you have multiple locations. You can centralize the features of your system. Mobile working is also a breeze with Panasonic’s mobile workforce support with wireless connectivity. These systems are also compatible with other 3rd party applications.

Panasonic Dealers

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Which phone systems can Panasonic Dealers offer me?

Panasonic Analogue Phone systems

Traditional Analogue systems are the key choice for their reliability and use where there is not a strong internet connection. Panasonic ‘s range are flexible, easily maintained and offer the addition of users with ease. Their Analogue range includes models KX-TEA308, KX-TES824 and TEM824.

Panasonic Hybrid phone systems

Hybrid offers the best of both the traditional analogue systems and VOIP telephony, this ensures you receive advanced features and rich functionality to fulfil all your communication requirements; offered in this range are: KX-YA824, KX-TDE600, KX-TDE200 and KX-TDE100.

Panasonic Digital Phone systems

Their range of digital phone systems offer as much reliability as the regular PBX with addition of VOIP technology wich offers a wider array of features.

Panasonic Small Business Phone System


The KX-YA824 is an advanced hybrid telephone system for small businesses. It has 8 CO lines and 8 Analog CO’s. It has 24 extensions and 24 analog proprietary extensions. There is a maximum of 24 single line telephones that you can connect to the system. It has 4 doorphones, a built-in voicemail and 2 DSS consoles.

IP Business Phone Systems


The KC-NCP100 is a Network Communication Platform (NCP) that has a maximum of 128 CO lines and 52 analog CO’s. It can support 32 VoIP trunks and 64 SIP trunks. Its maximum total extension is 172 while the analog proprietary extension is 4. It can support 36 single line telephones and 40 digital proprietary extensions. It is multi-cell wireless compatible and has 64 portable handsets. It has 128 IP Proprietary phone extensions and 128 SIP extensions. There are 8 cell stations and 8 DSS consoles.


This system is also a network communication platform (NCP) that can support 128 CO lines and 52 analog CO’s. It has 32 VoIP trunks and 64 VoIP SIP trunks. There are 4 analog proprietary phone extensions and 128 IP proprietary phone extensions. The maximum SIP extensions it can support is 128. It is also multi-cell compatible and has 4 maximum cell stations. It has 64 portable handsets and 8 DSS consoles. The maximum total extension is 172 while the single line telephone is 36.


The KX-TDE600 is a converged IP-PBX system that expands up to 640 CO’s and 1152 extensions. It has a modular design perfect for companies who plan to expand in the future or continuously evolve. The Basic Shelf gives you 160 ports or 288 ports with the DXDP. The system also has a free slot architecture allowing you to easily insert expansion cards and expand your capabilities. Through this slot, you can easily access new features. You can enhance your present system capabilities and features for your ever changing needs. You don’t have to buy a new system because the KX-TDE600 is ready for you.


The KX-TDE100 is a converged IP-PBX system that supports up to 256 extensions and 128 CO’s. It has 32 VoIP trunks and 64 VoIP SIP trunks. It has 24 analog proprietary extensions and 96 single line telephones. The maximum digital proprietary extension is 128 while the maximum IP proprietary phone extension is 192. Its maximum SIP extension is 128. Like the other models, the KX-TDE100 is also multi-cell wireless compatible. It has 32 cell stations, 128 portable handsets and 8 DSS consoles.


The KX-TDE200 is another converged IP-PBX system. It has 128 CO lines and 256 total extensions. It can support 32 VoIP trunks and 64 VoIP SIP trunks. It can support 128 single line telephones and 256 digital proprietary extensions. The maximum IP proprietary phone extension is 192 while the maximum SIP extension is 128. It is multi-cell wireless compatible and has 32 cell stations and 128 portable handsets with 8 DSS consoles.


Prices will depend on which Panasonic phone system installer you choose – we can help, simply fill out the above form to receive up to 6 quotations from dealers in your area. Some dealers will give you a special package and/or free accessories so it makes sense to shop around.


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