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Samsung 7030 4 line System Review & Prices

Samsung 7030 Telephone System

This is a great entry point phone system for the small office. It is fully hybrid and can be combined with wired, wireless, digital or IP phones making it a truly versatile 4 line system which supports up to 16 phones. Plus Samsung is one of the most trusted names in the industry.

The 7030 phone system is offered by Samsung in different packages, depending on the number of handsets required. The first includes 4 analogue lines and 2 extensions plus 2 digital extensions. Their package also comes with a BT element DECT (analogue) and Samsung digital executive handsets.

This is a great entry point phone system for the small office. It is fully hybrid and can be combined with wired, wireless, digital or IP phones making it a truly versatile 4 line system which supports up to 16 phones.

Its features include speed dial, auto attendant and voicemail. It also features a music-on-hold port, power failure transfer and flexible ringing assignment. The 7030 is considered to be an advanced telecoms platform for its class. It has a high level of functionality and reliability. It is agile and responds quickly to customer needs.

The Samsung 7030 is specifically designed for small businesess so you can expect it to be affordable but flexible. It will help raise your productivity level with the call forwarding, transfer and conference features. Pick up groups are also available. Dial 9 to access an external line. The 7030 is caller ID compatible so you can be ready to pick up a call and greet a customer appropriately.

The phones have an LED display. You can save up to 950 speed dial numbers. It has a ring back on busy feature and optional voicemail.

Price & Installation

Total packages are priced at £999 plus VAT and delivery.

Depending on your technical ability this system can be self-installed, which obviously will save on the installation costs; there is also no monthly charges with this system, once it is purchased and installed, until you decide an upgrade is required, you are pretty much set.

Package 2

This is another package for the Samsung 7030 telephone system. It includes 4 digital phones, 4 analogue lines and 2 extensions and 4 digital extensions.

This package gives the small office a major competitive advantage. This system features some of the features of a large telephone system. It has support tools, communication and collaboration features that are especially designed for the small office. Small businesses can now afford a sophisticated telecoms solution. This package is affordable, flexible and reliable.


Features are the same as above – call transfer, forwarding, pick up groups, conference and music on-hold port. Dial 9 to get an external line. This is also caller ID compatible. In case of emergencies, there is a power failure transfer feature available.

This package is also ready to be installed anywhere in England. It includes system programming, connection to existing cables and user training.


This package is priced at £1195 plus VAT and delivery.

Many independent dealers also sell the 7030series, you can also purchase the base unit for as little as £200 and work with existing phones, or combine with phone types needed in the office e.g. cordless, IP or digital. Sometimes it can work out cheaper buying the components separately but it will need a bit more research and preparation.

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Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.