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Best Telephone Systems for Schools

Compare the best telephone systems for schools.

With the right phone system in your school, you can do a lot of things to enhance the daily experiences of your staff, students and their parents and teachers. At the same time, you can lower your costs and benefit the environment. With the right choice you can support the day-to-day operations of your school.

Your schools phone system can achieve the following:

  1. Better connectivity among teachers, students, parents and school administrators. Its very important schools have extension number dealing plan to connect all the members of staff and the buildings. Extension plans can be set up so you can reach a certain block and building with a number formula for easy comunication.
  2. Better technology use in the classroom to enhance learning experience.
  3. Distance learning opportunities. Your students can observe classes from around the world and participate in extra-curricular activities.
  4. Better security and safety in your school.

It’s easy to connect every single teacher with current technology without supplying them with their own individual line. VOIP technology allows several teachers to share one phone within an office, and receptionists can transfer call messages via the school’s e-mail system. Teachers can also access voicemail remotely via mobiles ensuring there is no break in communication during break time or holidays. Messages can also be received with a desktop phone or headset connected to the computer in the classroom or any centralised system, for example in the staff room. Teachers will be able to connect to their personal messaging platform from any location, completely streamlining the communication system.

With VOIP its easy to connect every teacher within the school, all that is needed is a computer or laptop with internet connection and you can transform it into a fully working telephone, connected to the central system. All you would need to do is upload the software, connect the handset, and you are good to go, meaning teachers can always have their own personal line even if they change classrooms. Supply teachers or new members of staff can easily be set up with their own personal phone line, regardless of their location within the school.

A VOIP system within the school can reduce call and equipment set up costs, vital when many schools are facing budget cuts. Taking in to account call charges, line rental, hardware leasing or rental and competitively priced systems, we will compare up to 4 of the leading suppliers of phone systems for schools ensuring you are getting the best deal.

Every educational system needs effective communication to be successful and your schools needs a system to be able to support and anticipate all aspects of school life.

These brands offer communication solutions to schools:


BT have big business features at small business costs. They have phone lines plus shared access to network resources for data and voice, email and Internet applications.

This is designed for a company with 2-48 users. You can integrate office and mobile phones in one telephone number. You can equip your remote workers with phone system capability and you will be able to control all communications through your desktop.

Mitel Communications Director

This type uses an IP infrastructure so you use the Internet for voice calls and data exchanges. This is great for an organization that has work at home and field employees. Now your staff can be easily contacted and you increase your company productivity. The Communications Director features efficient call handling to improve customer service.

NEC SV8100

This is a single telephone system cabinet architecture that can support 16 wired telephones or devices. It is perfect for small businesses. Analogue, SIP trunks and ISDN lines are fully catered for. The system incorporates all of the features of the larger multi-cabinet model.

NEC provides free site surveys, telecommunications audits, evaluations and demonstrations. These services are designed to educate clients of the latest technology. They will do everything to make your transition seamless. You will still have telephone capabilities while they are installing your new platform. They do the complete project management, liaison with line carriers and even give your staff trainings. Their support team can assist you with remote diagnostics. You can also contact them for emergencies and they will deploy field engineers to take care of the problem.

Splicecom Maximiser

This can handle up to 500 analogue or IP extensions. It is supplied with 4 voicemail ports and is capable of storing up to 1,500 hours of voicemail. A basic Auto Attendant is also included.

This is constructed using LDAP database technology on a LINUX platform.  It can initially handle 8 analogue extensions. It can further support an additional 8 more and 4 directly connected IP phones. It can handle more with the addition of LAN switches and phone modules. It has 4 standard Basic Rate ISDN lines. If you need 500 users, multiple 5100 Maximisers can be linked together.

Prices and Dealers

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BT business offers the BT and Mitel Systems while Southern Communications UK offers NEC and Splicecom.


These platforms will provide schools with more effective methods of handling calls even during the busiest times of the day.

Better call handling

Callers will be able to talk to the right person the first time they call. They also have the option to leave a message.

Teacher and staff communication

These systems ensure that everyone has access to telephony inside the classroom and around school grounds. Receptionists can pass on voice message via the teachers personal e-mail, ensuring any vital communication about the students is received immediately.

Timely parent notification

If something happens, the school can easily contact parents through SMS notifications. Parents can also be informed via recorded messages.

Additional student support

With broadband telephony, teachers can now provide additional support to their students to finish their homework.

Less carbon footprint

Everything you need is with one supplier – lines, calls, broadband, etc.

Less stress

Because you have better communications, you will fell less stressed and be able to focus on more important tasks of the day. You will also experience less costs with any of these telecom platforms.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.