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Should I Transfer My Business Phone System to the Cloud?

There is so much talk about Cloud services. You can put your documents in the Cloud. You can put photos in the Cloud. Now, you can even put your business telephone system in the Cloud. If you are a small business owner wondering if this is a good idea, read on. In this article, we will give you 5 benefits you get when you move your phone system to the Cloud.

Before we delve in to our main topic, let’s have a quick review of terminologies. First, PBX stands for private branch exchange. It is a phone system that uses local lines between employees. It has a certain number of external lines as well. The traditional PBX includes a trunk of multiple lines. You can also get an optional console or switchboard. It has been the phone system of choice for many years.

The PBX phone system can now be hosted or what we refer to as cloud-based. It delivers the functions of the system as a service over a broadband Internet connection. Companies that use a hosted PBX may rent or buy the phones that their organization uses. This type of system allows a single number to represent the entire company even if the company is widely distributed geographically. With a cloud-based PBX, employees can access the network through a variety of telecoms devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Now that we got our brains refreshed, let’s discuss how your company can benefit from this move.

Save money!

Probably the number one reason why companies opt to have their business phone system in the cloud is to save money. Traditional PBX is very expensive and only big businesses could afford them. Installation is labor-intensive and it involved a lot of physical wire placements throughout the office. This labor-intensive job is eliminated with a hosted PBX. The only upfront capital expenditure is for the actual phones that you will use.
With a traditional PBX, companies had to prepare for expansion. They needed to make sure that enough lines were installed so that when the company suddenly grows, the phone system can be ready. This meant that business owners needed to pay for extra lines and maintain them even if they went unused.

With a cloud-based PBX, setup and programming costs are much cheaper and companies only pay for the lines they need.

Scale your phone system without the hassle

With this kind of system, you avoid paying for installation of lines that you may or may not use in the future. Hosted PBX is easy to scale up or down. You can grow your system one seat at a time or even a hundred seats at a time. Adding lines to a cloud-based PBX is quick and easy. You can even do it through a web portal.

Need to open a new branch office? No problem. The new phones you add automatically become part of your existing system. If you hire remote employees, you can install an extra seat on your network that will allow them to use their smartphones or their home phones. You can add new users in a matter of hours. No more waiting for days to have a new line installed.

Move to a new office without worrying about your phone system

Moving to a new office using a traditional PBX was time-consuming, labor-intensive and downright complicated. It can take a long time. There are also many issues that need to be dealt with along the way. With a cloud-based system, your phones and features are hosted in the cloud, meaning there is no on-site management.

Moving office, adding or downsizing users are administered remotely using a web portal. You don’t have to wait for the service provider’s truck to arrive. You can just pack up your phones and transfer them to your new office. When your Internet is up, you can connect your system and be up and running. Moving a cloud-based PBX is cheaper than moving a traditional one. You can keep your total cost of ownership much lower.

Get a feature-rich system without sacrificing your capital
All the standard features that come with a traditional PBX system such as conference, call waiting, caller ID, etc. all come standard on a cloud-based PBX. Aside from that, this new system boasts of many more features such as find/follow me, auto attendant, call groups, voicemail to email and more. You can change your features through the web portal too. You can have different offices in multiple locations but work as if everyone is in the same place.

Count on superior reliability

Hosted PBX systems are extremely reliable. In a traditional setup, it takes days to fix a system failure. You need to wait days for the system to be up and running again. During those days, your competitors are gaining an advantage. They could be getting your frustrated clients who cannot contact you.

Cloud-based phone systems are run from the cloud. Sometimes the servers are scattered geographically or are hosted in another location. If an active server goes down, your system can instantly be connected to a working site. This change happens quickly that most companies don’t even notice the change.

With a hosted system, you don’t have to maintain an IT staff. If there is a problem, just call your provider and they will take care of it from their end. You can expect continuous service with this kind of connection.

With the many benefits of a cloud-based service, there is no reason to go back to a traditional setup. You can even get a system that is tailored to your company’s unique needs. Forget about maintaining and keeping a close watch on your phone system and focus on growing your business.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.