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Should I Use Google Voice as a Business Phone System? (Part 2)

Now that we have discussed the many benefits of Google Voice (GV) in part one, let’s examine the flip side. While a lot of entrepreneurs and companies find this to be a useful tool, there are still a lot who are not convinced because of the following reasons.

It is not a business telephone system

It is simply a web-based communications platform. It links multiple phones to one number. In other words, it is a management tool and should not be confused with a true telephone platform. Sure, it has a lot of cool features but it cannot beat a robust platform.

You need to have a working phone

As GV is not a phone system, you are still required to have a working US telephone. You still pay for this type of service whereas a VoIP uses the Internet to transport calls. You don’t have to pay for local calls and international ones are very affordable. A VoIP does not require you to have an existing phone because it is a phone system itself.

Limited features

You won’t have any login security features with this service. It does not have toll free numbers or call queues, no call hold, etc. The most important features of a business telephone system are not available here as well.

This is not a softphone. A softphone is a program that runs on a computer. This enables users to send or receive calls over the internet. Skype is a softphone. It also does not work with VoIP phones.

Local Numbers

This platform allows you to have a local number in a place where you don’t have a physical office. That’s great but you can only have one. If you have VoIP, you can purchase as many local numbers as you need and they are available all throughout the UK.

Call Quality

There are a lot of complaints about the quality of calls. There are also concerns about dropped calls. HD voice is not available with this tool and until that becomes a reality, don’t expect to have crystal clear conversations.

There is also an issue with the text delivery being always delayed. Another issue the transcription. Google says that it’s not perfect but you can at least get the gist out of the message and you will be able to pinpoint who it’s from. The problem lies when the translation becomes way off the original message and turns out to be something embarrassing or unprofessional. So, don’t rely on this feature too much especially if it’s for business purposes.

Privacy Issues

Are you surprised with the targeted ads that go through your Gmail account? If you have several accounts with Google, you can be sure that they know lot about you. GV is a free service and that means, they have to find a way to earn money and that, most often than not, involves advertising. The better targeted the ads are, the higher the price. If you rely on this service to exchange confidential business ideas and the intimate details of your life, your privacy might be at risk.


Almost all products of Google do not have any customer support whatsoever. You can try emailing them or calling them and you would end up with zero satisfaction. This is the biggest problem that they face so don’t expect GV to have any support when you encounter problems with it.

To conclude, Google Voice is great tool if used wisely but it still can’t replace the benefits and peace of mind that a business telephone system can give you.


Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.