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Siemens Business Telephone System Review and Prices

Siemens has always been synonymous with reliability and quality. They have produced excellent products over the years. Their telephone systems have been on top of the market for many years now because of their user-friendliness and feature-rich product ranges. These are designed for companies that use at least 5 extensions and up such as Coca Cola and the English Government. These systems are best for companies that have tens of thousands of users. One of their best systems is the HiPath 3000 range.

HiPath 3000

This range is a powerful and reliable platform for different industries. It combines traditional telephony functions with the latest UC communications solutions in a single but flexible cost-saving configuration. It is able to satisfy the requirements of companies with stringent demands. It is also scalable and can be combined with many applications and features. It can be coordinated with the individual needs of a company.

This range adapts to the company structure of small and medium sized businesses. It has 3 expanding stages that are perfect for optimizing costs and business processes.

The HiPath Real Time Service Manager supports the optimized HiPath network administration for up to 1,000 stations with 32 nodes. It provides real time services and features on a cross-system and network-wide basis. It has a high failure tolerance. Its flexibility is displayed in mixed infrastructures where VoIP is installed but traditional analog and digital equipment such as telephones, fax machines and modems are still used. It can support any combination of analog, digital and IP phones as well as PC clients and cordless phones.


Internet telephony

HiPath helps to converge network services while drastically cutting communications costs. It supports new SIP options. Using its VPN and authentication applications, you can prepare your company for the future without compromising security.

Secure connection

The system provides modern security mechanisms for optimal connection to the company network to better serve the needs of staff mobility and new working methods. The integrated VPN function allows staff to access confidential information from any location in the world, any time over a low-cost, secure Internet connection. Managers can reach their mobile staff via the company phone number regardless of their location. It is both cost-effective and secure.

Lower costs

You can consolidate voice and data communication in an IP-based network. It can decrease company call charges and hardware costs. This system can increase your productivity. There’s no need for you to install and maintain a separate voice network. This results to a decreased outlay for administration and maintenance fees for system and applications because these tasks are now centralized. If you have existing connections, you can optimize them for calls to public telephone networks so you reduce your expenses.

Flexible configuration

This system allows you to connect additional phones through an existing LAN cable. It comes with mini switches that can be used for connecting the PC. There’s no need for additional PSUs. You can combine DSL and ISDN connections. ISDN connections can be configured as backups in case of errors. You can also configure your platform for additional channels for fax or modems.


OpenScape Office

This is a server-based application portal for HiPath 3000. It offers individual licensing for different applications to be scaled according to the requirements of the customer. It supports the following functions and features.


This function allows users to set their presence status. You can tell if someone is in a meeting, engaged in a call or out of the office. You can even tell when they will be available to be called and how best to reach them. You can also update your status presence when you are away from the office through the telephone or online.

Communication Portal

You can allow your staff to access the whole range of communication resources on one screen. Employees can use this application to read, manage and answer voicemail, email, fax and instant messages. The presence status and voicemail announcements will change dynamically based on the events that you store in your Outlook Calendar. This ensures that the caller will always receive the latest information on staff availability. Staff don’t need to toggle back and forth between interfaces so productivity and staff satisfaction is increased. Using CTI integration, you can dial telephone numbers from files. You can also connect external and internal telephone directories.

myAttendant PC attendant console

myAttendant is integrated in the OpenScape Office application. If offers excellent capability in a single screen that shows queued and incoming calls and also the presence status of all employees in your company. You can even check a co-worker’s voicemail box and change his or her user status with permission, of course.


You can forward all your messages from your landline and mobile phones to your HiPath voicemail box. You can be sure to always get up-to-date information that is easy to manage. Use your PC to assign message priorities. You don’t even have to listen to them. You can record important calls so you can listen to them again later. This function allows you to give your full attention to your caller.

Contact Center

The Contact Center was released with HiPath 3800. It is especially tailored to fit the needs of small and medium businesses. It is a user-friendly application that provides an intelligent solution for the distribution of calls, emails and faxes. It is a powerful function for call wrap ups. 64 agents in 50 groups can be configured for simultaneous inbound call center function. You can restrict or extend user rights by creating administrator, supervisor or agent profiles.

The special Agent Client software efficiently processes calls. It allows you to request co-worker assistance and offers 20 standard reports.

Additional functions include call recording, callback, position announcement in queue, preferred agent, VIP customers, wrap up, pauses, LCR schedule and graphical configurations tool for creating queues.


Model Price
HiPath 3300 £1,500 plus VAT
HiPath 3350 £1,350 plus VAT
HiPath 3500 £2,300 plus VAT
HiPath 3700 £1,900 plus VAT
HiPath 3350 £2,100 plus VAT
HiPath 3750 £1,750 plus VAT

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.