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Small Business Telephone Systems from Talkswitch

Talkswitch specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative telephone systems that are marketed toward small businesses and businesses that have multiple locations.

Their telephone systems are ideal for offices that have up to 32 users per location. Each system is a fully integrated PABX solution. Features include voicemail, auto attendant and caller display as standards. They also have an extensive set of calling features that are designed specifically for small businesses. These include Remote Extensions which is useful for connecting off-premise phones and smartphones. Talkswitch phone systems give small businesses the same high quality features that big businesses enjoy.


Talkswitch platforms are available in 3 configurations. The 24-CA-UK is best for home and small office use. It has a capacity of 2 phone lines, 4 local extensions and 8 remote extensions.

The 48-CA-UK has a capacity of 4 lines, 8 extensions and 8 remote extensions. The 48-CVA-UK adds SIP based VoIP networking. This is great for companies that are looking to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP.  Customers can maintain their existing connections to PSTN while taking advantage of the significant cost-savings that selected Internet Telephony companies provide.

All these systems are easy to use and are upgradable. The last 2 systems mentioned above can be networked over a LAN so customers can increase their system capacity. They can now have 26 lines and 32 extensions.


Talkswitch phone systems will give you exceptional value. They are the value leader when it comes to price for small business phone systems. They offer an extensive range of features that already come as standard in their systems. Talkswitch has free features that others charge for. Their phone systems empower small businesses and help them improve their productivity and control their telecoms costs.

These systems are designed with small businesses in mind. The system will answer calls intelligently and makes sure that calls get answered. It can automatically forward calls to smartphones and mobile phones. The automatic route selection will control call costs. It can send voicemails directly to email for unified messaging. You get all the features you need to manage your business effectively.

A small business needs to project a professional image. You can do that with Talkswitch systems. The Auto Attendant can answer calls with customized greetings and easy-to-set-up options. Callers can dial by name and leave voicemails. This system allows you to set up small call centres with ring groups, uniform call distribution and queues with downloadable music on hold. All these features give your business a professional image.

Talkswitch systems are flexible. They can work with regular analogue telephone sets that are corded and cordless as well as selected IP phones. You can use the Talkswitch speakerphones for 1-button feature access or IP phones for line appearances to reduce office wiring. You can connect to traditonal analogue phone lines for service or add VoIP multi-branch networking and off-site IP phones.

These systems are user-friendly. They are easy to install, manage and expand. They come with intuitive Windows-based configuration tools for complete control. You can manage your system remotely over the Internet. You can get free software downloads to keep your system up to date. As your business grows, your system can grow with you through modular expansions up to 64 extensions per site.

Thousands of businesses benefit from the low operating costs and proven reliability of these systems.

Pricing and Availability

Talkwitch systems are available from traditional reseller channels that give value-added services as well as online for direct sales.

These systems are priced at £399, £799 and £999.


Talkswitch 240 Bundle 1

This bundle includes 1 Talkswitch 240 telephone system unit, 2 lines, 4 extensions and 12 IP extensions. It also includes 2 TS600 Executive phones. Features include voicemail, voicemail to email, time of day auto attendant, auto attendant and caller ID with intelligent routing. Call divert to mobile and mobile extensions are available as well as hunt groups. Basic features are call transfer, music on hold and speed dials.  The music on hold is free. Other free services include free installation of tutorial CD and programming tutorial.

This bundle costs £799 plus VAT.

Talkswitch 240 Bundle 2

This bundle includes 4 TS 600 phones, 2 lines, 4 extensions and 12 IP extensions.  Users can enjoy voicemail and voicemail to email features. Auto attendant and time of day auto attendant are available.  Save money with caller ID with intelligent routing. Hunt groups, mobile extensions and call divert to mobile are also included. Call transfer, speed dials and music on hold come as standard.

This bundle comes with free music on hold, free programming tutorial and free installation tutorial.

This bundle costs £1,295 plus VAT.

Talkswitch 480

This bundle comes with 4 TS 600 phones, 4 lines, 8 extensions and 8 IP extensions.

Features include voicemail and voicemail to email for unified messaging. The auto attendant will give your company a professional image. The time of day auto attendant is also available. Caller ID with intelligent routing saves you money. Other features include call divert to mobile, mobile extensions and hunt groups.  Basic features are speed dials, music on hold and call transfer.

This bundle comes with free music on hold, free programming tutorial and free installation tutorial CD.

This bundle costs £1,750 plus VAT.

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