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Telephone System for Call Recording

Call recording is a very valuable tool for many companies. It is a way to measure the effectiveness of the telephone system and the customer service agents’ performance. Industry and security standards are very strict so having a record of calls is essential for safeguarding the security of both customers and companies. Recorded calls can also be a basis for employee training. There are many benefits to call recording. This post will give you more information about call recording.

Telephone Systems

Because of the widespread use of digital communication services, software that can understand digital voice is also needed in order to make call recording possible. A call recording software records PSTN or VoIP phone conversations in a digital audio file format. An IP PBX or digital PBX can also be used.

Features and Benefits


Most equipment today are simple and have an intuitive browser-based interface so that users won’t have trouble operating them.

Scalable and robust

You need a scalable system that can grow with your company. Do not invest in something that you will only use for a short period of time.


A good call recording system can work with all phone systems.


Most phone systems that have call recording capability have high quality call recording even at high compression rates.


If you have several offices that have multiple PBX systems, you can centralize your call recordings.


A good phone system features enhanced search and replay capabilities. You should be able to search based on date or time, extension, duration, dialed number, caller ID, notes, etc.

Flexible recording

Most phone systems will offer you selective or full time recording and will even allow you to set recording rules. It should also have on-demand recording capabilities.


You should be able to share your recordings internally and externally.


Most call recording features also offer a detailed call activity reporting and automated report delivery.

Other features

Of course, the features will depend on your provider but the phone system you use should have  powerful user and system management functionalities.


Each call conversation is unique and supervisors and managers can learn a lot about their employees just by listening to one recorded conversation. These calls can be the basis of company trainings so that customers are dealt with correctly.


If you run into some problems with the insurance company, you may reduce your insurance premiums if you can produce a recorded conversation whenever it is required. This is especially useful during court cases.

Reduce Liability

You can be sure that your call records are tamper proof. You can reduce your liability if you experience a problem with one of your customers.

Audit trails

If you have a record of every customer conversation made over the phone, you will be able to produce and maintain an audit trail.

Court cases

If you will need to appear in court and have your call recordings as evidence, these recordings are legally binding and admissible. With HIPAA and other legislation in place, it’s wise to always be careful and always be ready.

Client disputes

You can avoid or resolve client disputes. You no longer need to prepare for costly refunds or legal expenses.

Industry standards

With call recording, you can ensure that you are following your industry’s regulations where call recording is essential. Examples of these industries include medical, insurance, banking, support desks, etc.

More benefits

You can use the recordings to coach and evaluate agent performance. This is good practice for quality monitoring. Managers can create different types of questions that pertain to each scenario so that they can evaluate agents based on specific criteria. Then a specific weight is applied to each question to create call scoring.

This feature is beneficial to different functional managers such as sales, support, compliance, assurance, etc.

Managers will be able to evaluate multiple agents as well as evaluate the same agent over a specific period of time. They can then re-evaluate an agent after training.

This is also a useful tool for identifying future training needs.


Most enterprise-grade call recording platforms are available in the market at very affordable prices. They provide the most comprehensive call recording features and functionalities.

These platforms may be configured as a trunk-side or a station-side call recording system. You can find a trunk-side system that supports PRI, T1, Analogue and SIP trunks. It is also PBX agnostic, making it a good investment that will last you into the future. A station-side recording system supports analogue, digital and IP phones.

Find a system that is user-friendly. A web-based interface will also make it easy for you to access recordings from any PC located on your network. You don’t need to install any extra client application. A system that is built using the latest application architecture and provides a user-friendly interface will improve your productivity and enhance user experience.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How will a telephone system that has call recording improve my business quality?

Recording phone calls will allow you to listen to sales calls, customer service calls and responses to your marketing campaigns. You can then play these calls back to your staff so that they can improve their skills in dealing with different calls. You can play 2 different kinds of recordings. One contains the right way of dealing with a certain call and the other will contain the wrong way of doing things. You can be sure to train your staff on the exact areas that need improvement.

Do I have to tell people that I will be recording their phone conversations with me?

It is considered good practice to let people that know, especially your customers, that their call will be recorded and your purpose for the recording. You should also make sure that this information and recording will not be shared with a third party. If you need to disclose this to a third party, you should inform your clients so that they can decide if they will continue the call or not.

Can I record phone conversations at home?

Yes. RIPA, the relevant law, does not prohibit individuals from recording their own communications as long as the recording is for personal use only.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.