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The Avaya Phone Manager

Do you need a versatile app that allows you to control your phone terminals directly from your PC? The Avaya IP Office Phone manager is your best solution. It is best for the small and medium business. It allows users to connect in real time. Integrating smart phones, office phones, tables and home systems, it allows complete flexibility for the work force. Offering a hybrid solution, meaning you can work with IP or analog, giving you the best of both worlds. Depending on your requirements there are 3 versions available – Lite, Pro and PC Softphone.

How does it work?

The Phone Manager is downloaded onto each user’s PC or laptop. This enables them to gain access to a multitude of extra call handling features. It allows users to interact quickly and easily with the phone through their desktops, something which before was only available to systems deploying expensive call centre software.


You can integrate the Phone Manager with Contact Management packages. The contact details of an incoming caller can pop on the screen, this is great for an incoming call centre. You can also dial from the contact record with a click of the mouse. You can also create new contact records while you are engaged in a call by using auto-insert. You can choose which Contact Management System you want to pop up in your screen – Outlook, Goldmine, ACT, Microsoft CRM, etc.

You can manage voicemails by playing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, saving or deleting voice messages. You can also configure your Personal Distribution Lists. You can record and select a personal greeting.

The Phone Managers is ideal for a growing company as it is easily expandable.  – 15-1000 Speed Dial or BLF entries, allowing users to group speed dial or Busy Lamp Field icons by location or department.

You can personalize your PC caller directory, allowing the caller’s number to be displayed if the caller ID is recognised.

Scripts can be displayed on incoming calls based on the Caller ID or the dialled number and reminds users to use a specific message or greeting. This is great for a customer support desk, or a telephone answering company.

You can use distinctive ringing. WAV sound files can be used for an incoming caller’s number. This sound file is then played through the PC speakers when the person associated with the file calls. You can easily differentiate calls from clients, colleagues, partners and unknown callers.

You can use the Compact Mode to minimize the screen space requirement. In this mode, a notification slider will alert the user of new calls, view the Caller ID and answer the call. It is very easy to switch between the compact and standard modes. This is useful if you need several windows opened on your desktop.

The Phone Manager features the Agent Mode which allows users to perform call center functionalities even without a call center telephone. While in Agent Mode, users can set their phone to Wrap-Up or Busy.

Queue monitoring allows you to see how many calls are waiting for up to 2 queues. In Door Entry Control, you can close or open the two external relays in the IP Office System. You can use this feature to activate a security camera or door entry.

The Phone Manager provides separate tabs for all calls, incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Each tab will store the last 100 entries. You can sort them by date and time, call duration or Caller ID.

The Avaya Phone Manager will enhance your communications experience. It will improve your employees’ productivity and will make your customers happy. With the 3 versions available, you can surely find on that fits your budget and your requirements.

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Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.

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