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The Orchid Telephone Systems

The phone system is one of the most important communications devices in a business. Orchid Telecom Ltd addresses the ever expanding small business/home business and SME market’s communications requirements. Orchid designs and develops its own range of PBX systems. These are sophisticated systems that small businesses and home businesses can afford. Orchid’s products are sold throughout Europe, Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.

Small Business Solutions

Orchid has a wide range of business telephone systems to choose from. Here are some of them.

Orchid PBX206

The Orchid PBX206 is great for entry level small businesses. It can accommodate up to two telephone lines and 6 extensions. You can program call restrictions and barring and includes an auto attendant. It is Caller ID compatible, has call forwarding, pick up and transfer. You can also have conference calls. It features a flexible ringing assignment and a comfort tone while your clients are on hold. It has Direct Dial Extensions. This system installs easily and is affordable at £129.99.

Orchid PBX308+

This PBX is another business telephone system that is designed for entry level small businesses. It can accommodate up to three telephone lines and 8 extensions. One key feature is the 99 system phone number memory that you can use for speed dialing. It also has an auto attendant and automatically detects fax messages. It is compatible with Caller ID.

Other features include change extension numbering, remote programming, hold with multiple call handling and operator call. Like the PBX206, the PBX308+ also plays a comfort tone while you are on hold, call forwarding, conferencing and call transfer and pick up. It also has programmable call restrictions and call barring.

More features:

Ring back on busy
Calls forward to secretary when busy
Cascade and flexible ringing
Least Cost Routing
Plays music on the external hold port
IP Access Code
This system installs easily and is affordable at £199.99.

Orchid PBX416+

The PBX416+ is designed for the small business that is preparing for expansion. It can accommodate up to four telephone lines and 16 extensions. Its key features are auto attendant, is Caller ID compatible, detects fax and 99-Phone Number Memory for speed dialing. Of course, it has these basic features – call forwarding, transfer, pickup, ring back on busy, forward to secretary when you are busy and conference call. Other basics include comfort tone on hold, external music on hold port and power failure transfer. It has cascade ringing and flexible ringing assignment. You can hold multiple calls. It has least cost routing and you can program the system remotely. Press 9 for direct access. You can also program your phone for restrictions and call barring.

As with the other systems, the PBX416+ is also easy to install. You can avail of this system for only £249.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.