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Top 5 Companies With Auto Attendant

The receptionist is the gatekeeper of a business. They screen and route calls. They also try to accommodate client requests and basically make the other person on the line happy. He or she is the first point of contact when dealing with your company so it is important to give a good first impression.


Modern companies need a more efficient way of handling large volumes of calls daily. A human receptionist may not be up to the task that is why phone companies are offering auto attendant features in their packages. This feature used to be an expensive feature that only big companies can afford. Thanks to advancements in technology, even small businesses can now afford auto attendants to make their companies sound bigger and more professional.

Here are the 5 best companies that offer auto attendants with their phone systems.’s virtual receptionist is a great way to cut costs and streamline your operation. It answers calls with a custom greeting and allows callers to choose from a pre-set menu. It then transfers the call to the person or department that the caller chose. The call can be transferred to another landline, a mobile phone or home phone. It can also transfer calls to voicemail and take messages.


The auto attendant is already included in’s Virtual Office service which starts at $9.88 per month.

You can set preferences for custom greetings during business hours, after office hours, weekends and holidays.

Their auto attendant is convenient and easy to use. It helps you run your business more smoothly. The result is a happier customer base which can translate to higher profits.


The jive auto attendant provides callers with automated answering, prompting and call routing based on their input. There is no need for a live attendant. Callers can leave the auto attendant or just dial their party’s extension any time. Unlimited auto attendants are included in every Jive solution.

When customers call, they can listen to a brief message and select the department or person they want to be directed to.

Auto attendant options are unlimited and customizable. Destinations can include extensions, call queues, dial plan and even voicemail. You can also schedule options according to business hours, after hours, weekends and holidays.

Callers can also replay the options if they need to.

Messages can be customized and uploaded as a .WAV file to be used with the auto attendant.

Jive only has one type of plan available with unlimited minutes costing $32 per month plus taxes and fees. This plan already comes with unlimited auto attendants.



Nextiva’s auto attendant transfers incoming calls to an extension without the help of a receptionist. It includes a simple menu system as well as the ability to dial by extension or by name. You can reach the operator by pressing 0.

Nextiva Connect is a sophisticated forwarding service that includes an auto attendant as well as unlimited extensions, professional voicemail service and several forwarding options.

If you have an auto attendant setup, you need to upload a greeting file that will play when callers reach your number. If you already have your own professional recording, Nextiva Support will be happy to upload it to your account at no cost. You can also upload the greeting yourself using the Office Manager portal.

Files that are accepted are Mono, PCMU or u-law, .WAV, 8 or 16 Bit and 8000 HZ. You can get free file converters on the Internet or they can convert the file for you and send it back in the accepted format. If you want them to upload the greeting for you, send the file to Support. They will convert the file and send it back to you within 24-48 hours. They can upload the file for you as long as you include your account information and Security PIN.

Each Nextiva Office Pro Plus account includes one free file recording. Each Office Enterprise account includes 3 free file recordings. You can get additional recordings for $25 plus tax each. You can also utilize their professional staff with expert equipment to record any script you like. You can get a simple voicemail message, a hold or interrupt message and even your auto attendant greeting. They offer recordings with either a male or female voice.

Nextiva’s auto attendant costs $57 and includes 3 professionally recorded messages, call recording and hold music.


RingCentral’s auto attendant ensures you never miss a call or an opportunity. You can customize it so that callers are routed to the appropriate department, extension or voicemail even after office hours.

This feature is a sophisticated virtual receptionist that provides effective call management to your main company number. It welcomes callers with a custom company greeting. You can also use a professionally recorded greeting with your choice of voice.


Filter and manage call flow features ensure that all calls are answered quickly and routed properly to provide a better experience for customers. Route calls to the Dial-by-Name Directory so they reach the right destination.

Customize the auto attendant according to your company’s needs. The account administrator can quickly and conveniently modify the settings from any device, including smartphones and tablets, using the RingCentral mobile app.

Establish answering rules for holidays, weekends and after office hours. Forward calls to an outside line, extension or directly to voicemail. The outside line can be any phone number in the world.

Set advanced rules that provide special handling for specific caller IDs. You can also set advanced rules for incoming calls to specific phone numbers. This is helpful when you have an ongoing promotion.

You play an announcement only and end the call. You can also forward calls directly to a different phone number, bypassing any greetings. You can also set a connecting message or choose from various music selections to play while the calls are connecting or on hold.

Create submenus to help callers reach their destination. You can direct them to specific groups or departments. You can also direct callers to specific persons within those departments.

You can use the default greeting or record and use your own for your company greeting. You can also hire a professional voice talent to record your custom greeting. Individual users can customize greetings for their extensions.

The account administrator manages the auto attendant, establishes answering rules and changes settings for individual users. Users can control call handling settings for their own extensions with the use of answering rules.

All editions of RingCentral Office already include the auto attendant with no additional cost.


With 8×8’s auto attendant, you can make your business look bigger. It is a powerful automated VoIP business service that replaces the need for a human receptionist.

When you call a company that has an auto attendant message, don’t you get impressed? You just know you are dealing with a professional company. The auto attendant feature is include in 8×8’s Virtual Office Business phone service (Unlimited, Metered and Global extension plans) at no extra charge.

With this feature you can make your company bigger and more professional which is ideal for small businesses. You can save money because you don’t need to hire a receptionist. You can route calls efficiently. You can play different menus for business hours and after hours.

You can transfer callers to call queues, voicemail, ring groups or eve additional auto attendants. More on 8×8…

You can record your own greetings and upload them. You can also upload a customized prerecorded greeting. You can use the 8×8 Audio Production Store if you need professionally recorded greetings.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.