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Top 5 PBX & VoIP Phone Systems In 2014

Check out these top PBX and VoIP systems of 2015.

1. RingCentral’s Hosted PBX
RingCentral is one of the top providers of business telephone systems in the world so it is no wonder that their phone systems are preferred by most companies.

Their cloud-based PBX is flexible. You can scale it up or down. You can easily add multiple locations. You can manage it remotely. You can also have the option to go mobile and support contract workers. You don’t need to buy expensive onsite equipment. No more maintenance headaches.

Each device is connected separately to RingCentral’s servers. In case of emergencies, your staff will still be able to carry on with business using their computer or even smartphones – no matter where they are.

This virtual PBX is simple to use. No need to get expensive training for your IT staff. It can be managed by an office manager without IT experience. You can manage your phone system from any device with internet access.

User and call configurations can be changed with just a few clicks. Users are empowered to manage their own settings so there is no need for your IT team to get involved.

RingCentral provides you with an easy billing system. You receive one fixed monthly bill for all users, locations and features.

Upgrades are quick and easy too. Software is automatically upgraded.

Employees can make and receive calls with their business number using their own personal smartphones, home phones and even hotel phones.

2. RingCentral’s VoIP phone system

This is a customisable, internet-based voice and fax platform. This system makes it easy to add phones, extensions, numbers and locations as your business requires.

Mobile apps are available to integrate remote users and mobile devices seamlessly. Employees can use their personal gadgets for calls, notifications, etc. They can even adjust their own settings. These apps allow them to access the system from anywhere, any time.

The system uses a softphone so you can make and receive calls using your computer. You can also get Cisco VoIP desk phones and business-class Polycom phones with Plug & Ring technology with no setup or activation fees. Just connect the phones and you can start working.

You can also use your existing analogue phones and other SIP-compatible devices by using an analogue phone adapter.

Features include conferencing, call management, online meetings and mobile minutes. You can seamlessly integrate Salesforce into the system.

The user-friendly web interface allows you to easily manage and customise your entire business phone system for all locations. Create online profiles to manage groups, locations and remote mobile workers. Route calls easily using call-handling rules.

The Entry-level package starts at £9.99 per user per month. Other packages are Standard, Premium and Enterprise. All packages come with a 30-day free trial.

3. Lily Comms PBX System
PBX systems from this brand can be integrated with intelligent call management solutions like call recording, music on hold, call queuing, etc. Their PBX systems are bespoke so you need to discuss your requirements with one of their specialists. They will provide you with telephone handsets and accessories. If you need additional features and enhancements, you can get them from the company too.

Benefits of getting a Lily Comms PBX include features such as voicemail, DDI, call conferencing; reduced costs, improved efficiency and a professional image for your company.

4. Lily Comms VoIP
Lily Comms provide VoIP services that are affordable. You can avoid the many extra charges associated with a landline such as installation and maintenance charges by getting a VoIP system.

Call quality of Lily Comms VoIP often surpasses that of traditional systems. You can easily incorporate many different services on your VoIP line saving you money. VoIP will save you a lot of money if you make frequent long distance calls.

This system is portable and flexible. It will function as long as there is a good broadband connection available. This allows you to be connected to your office wherever you are. You can also integrate mobile phones into your network. Computers can be linked to the system to help streamline the working environment.

Basic plans start at £6.99. Bespoke system prices are available upon request.

5. BT

BT is the number one provider of telephone systems in the UK. Their phone systems will help you manage your calls better and allow you to share lines between staff.

You can choose from hundreds of extra features to give your business genuine benefits. You can manage costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

BT has experts that can help you find the right system. They will also give you a range of maintenance options to suit your requirements.

Benefits of phone systems include reduced costs and more control over your business. You can share lines among users so you can reduce line rental costs. You can have one network for voice and data calls. Conferencing features will help you reduce travel costs. You can add or remove users using IP connections without the extra cost of rewiring.

You can increase productivity by making your home or anywhere else an extension of your office. You don’t have to miss calls by connecting your smartphone and office phones to the network. You can collaborate using instant messenger.

Improve customer service by auto-routing calls to the right department. Connect to the right employee with Direct Dial. Agents will be able to see customer information on their screens as they dial in. You can choose your voicemail messages to be sent to your inbox. You can also track patterns so that you can plan your resources wisely.

BT is an Avaya Platinum partner. They are also distinguished as a Mitel Premier partner as well as a Cisco Gold Partner. They are supported by the best technology providers in the world. They are not tied to a particular supplier so they can recommend the right solution for any business.

For VoIP, you need a broadband and phone line that costs £80 plus a subscription fee of £8.50 per month.

Author: Yazz

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.